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As part of the Erasmus Plus project, the project partners conducted four workshops with 70 Arabic-speaking tutors and trainers in Germany, Italy, Turkey and Sweden. Together they have developed a training concept and a training tool for teachers, educators and volunteers, which supports newly immigrated children with innovative pedagogical methods such as self-organized [...]

The main goal of Teacher’s Professional Development Center is to improve teaching quality at schools, set high standards of teaching and learning, as well as to raise teachers’ status. The center carries out its activities in the following areas: professional development of teachers; to attract and support qualified staff and new candidates during preparation process and [...]

[Please note: As the website is currently not available anymore we link to an older version from the Internet archive. 23.03.16; For more information on the Colectivo please also take a look at the publication "Investigación educativa y trabajo en red"] The "Community of Educators who do Research starting from School" wants to promote educators as active actors participating [...]

Canada; international
The Inclusive Design Research Centre at OCAD University is doing research on design and disability. Many of their projects focus on the education area, especially e-learning / new technologies. You will find information on many projects, for example: Project Outside In (Skills Training Program for Youths) , Floe Project (flexible learning for open education), ATutor (Open [...]

Palestinian Autonomous Areas
The English website of the faculty provides information on the faculty\'s history, a list of degrees awarded by the faculty, information on current events and on its four departments: Fundamental Education, Islamic Studies, Psychology, Basic Education. The departments have a page of their own where you can find some information on research and publications in the staff\'s [...]

Palestinian Autonomous Areas
The National Institute for Educational Training (NIET) is in charge of teacher and other instructors\' education and training in Palestine. This one information page in English provides an overview over tasks, goals and activities of the NIET. The rest of the website is in Arabic. [Abstract: Editors of Education Worldwide]

Africa South of the Sahara; South Africa, Republic; East Africa; Ghana; Senegal; Kenya; Nigeria; Rwanda; Sudan; Tanzania; Uganda; Zambia
This website provides ample information on PER projects on Africa (esp. South Africa, Ghana, Senegal, Kenia, East Africa). There is a focus on OER in agricultre, health and teacher training. Furthermore, you will find information on licencing and policy issues and developments, on events and other news on OER. [Abstract: Editors of Education Worldwide]

Israel; international
"The MOFET Institute is a national intercollegial center for the research and development of programs in teacher education and teaching in the colleges. (...) It was founded by the Department of Teacher Education in the Ministry of Education in 1983 and is a Ministry of Education-funded non-profit organization." The English website is less comprehensive than the Hebrew one, [...]

"Published by UNESCO Bangkok, this publication set is a series of five guides designed for anyone who wants to do advocacy to bring about improvements in pre-service teacher education towards more inclusive education. They discuss challenges and barriers to inclusive education in different areas of teacher education and outline ideas for advocates to consider and adapt [...]

"[LangOER is a] 3-year network (January 2014- December 2016) supported by action KA2 Languages of the Lifelong Learning Programme, European Commission." The network is to support the use of Open Educational Resources for the benefit of regional and minority languages and linguistic diversity in the EU. The network has two target groups: educators, who will be offered [...]

The platform is run by European Schoolnet, a network of 30 European Ministries of Education. It provides online courses for teachers. The duration and start date is given for each course on the course website. The first two courses provided are: "Innovative Practices for Engaging STEM Teaching" and "Future Classroom Scenarios". [Abstract: Editors of Education Worldwide]

"[Founded in 1961], [t]he National Association of Educational Policy and Administration (ANPAE) is an academic civil society in the field of educational policy and management (...). ANPAE’s mission is to fight for the affirmation of the right to lifelong quality education for all (...). To this end, ANPAE´s objectives focus on the professional improvement and [...]

India Education Review provides information on current developments and events in the Indian educational sector. The articles rather have a journalistic style, even though their authors mostly are professionals in the educational sector. You will also find interviews, comments, case studies, information on educational programmes, scholarships, or job offers. [Abstract: Editors [...]

The Österreichische Bundesverband Legasthenie (Federal Austrian Association for Dyslexia, founded 1991) aims to inform the general public about dyslexia. It supports and advises teachers, pedagogues and parents of dyslexic children as well as dyslexic people themselves. It also keeps contact with authorities in order to improve the situation of dyslexic children from the [...]

international; Africa South of the Sahara
This African OER project was run by the African Virtual University in cooperation with 12 African partner universities. It went online in January 2011 and provides more than 200 modules for mathematics, chemistry, bilogy, physics, as well as teacher education courses on the use of ICT and copyright questions. [Source: Editors of Education Worldwide]

Arab States; international; United States
This OER platform is run by US-American research institute ISKME. It provides Open Educational Resources for different subjects and levels. These OERs are provided by different educational institutions. The website also offers an online training for teachers on how to use OERs effectively, special OERs in Arabic as well as suport in creating your own OER website. [Source: [...]

Africa South of the Sahara; Ghana; Kenya; Nigeria; Rwanda; Uganda; Malawi; South Africa, Republic; Sudan; Togo; Zambia; Tanzania
TESSA is a pan- Africa (hitherto mainly anglophone countries) project for the creation and dissemination of OER in Africa. TESSA also does research, studies, workshops and more to integrate OER into teaching, to educate teachers in the use of OER etc. The website offers the OER resources as such, as well as fulltext documents on research, studies, projects etc. [Source: [...]

"Gifted and Talented Network Ireland is the national association in Ireland advocating for the educational needs of gifted children and supporting parents of gifted children. GT Network is a network of Gifted Advocacy Groups in Ireland." Among others, the network advocates for "specific Initial Teacher Education in the needs of gifted children" and for "the inclusion of the [...]

The objectives of the Uruguayan Society of Mathematics Education (SEMUR) are the promotion of Uruguayan mathematics theacers and of activities of mathematics education in Uruguay. Also, it gathers study, discussion and proposal groups which elaborate mathematics plans and programs for all levels. Thus they develop into professionals which are capable of contribute to a serious [...]

Designed for primary and secondary schools, teacher training institutions and other learning settings, this compendium includes 101 exemplary practices from Central Asia, Europe and North America and is a resource for teachers and education policymakers. It provides resource materials relevant to key elements for successful human rights education, including 1) laws, guidelines [...]

The Psycho-Pedagogical Centre for Higher Education Investigation (CEPIES) was founded on Oktober 26th, 1988 by the internal congress of the Universidad de San Andrés (UMSA). It is a centre for teacher training which is subdued to the vice-rectorate and which has the task to improve the work of the teaching staff of higher education institutions. URL: [...]

GINCO aims to create a European wide network of adult education organisations actually running Grundtvig courses or willing to do so in the future. The aim of the network is to share expertise, to create and share useful material and to enhance communication and cooperation in order to improve the quality of Grundtvig courses, to enlarge the scope of provision and to improve [...]

The Red Nacional de Prácticas y Residencias en la Formción de Docentes is a meeting point for persons and institutions which deal with teacher training. The task of the network is the elaboration of a systematics of exchange of knowledge and expertise which were built in the training institutions as well as in the universities. The RED fosters different alternative [...]

The Teacher College of Peru (CPPe) was founded in 2004. It is an institution with legal status, which gathers education professionals of Peru. The CPPe is a professional, ethic and deontological institution which promotes the competence of the teaching profession, its professional revaloration as well as the quality of education and the national development.

Liberia Education Project is a non-profit organisation which offers the following services: School construction and renovation * Providing educational materials/supplies * Seek funding for scholarship opportunities for deserving students and teachers * Conducting adult literacy programs * Conducting teacher training programs * Community health education.

Cyberdocencia consists of multidisciplinary experts of education, especially of the direction of pedagogical higher education (DESP). Its functions are the formulation of national curricula, the design of policies and strategies for the continuing formation and the capacity of teachers in their respective work areas, the diagnose of the teacher situation and its professional [...]

Enlaces, the Centre for Education and Technology (CET), a department of the Ministry of Education of Chile, has the task to improve the quality of education by including educational IT in the school system, which is adequat to the necessities of the information society. Concrete objectives are the support of school to make the lessons more efficient, the developemt of new [...]

Dominican Republic
The National Institute for Teacher Formation and Competence (INAFOCAM) is a decentralized organ subordinate to the ministry of education. Its function is to coordinate the education offer, the competence, the actualization and the perfection of the educational staff on national level. The INAFOCAM is a counselling agency of the ministry of education in relation to the [...]

International Education Exchange (IEE) is working with the Government of Rwanda to support public education by training teachers, creating school partnerships, and improving infrastructure. As the number of children in school increases rapidly, the Government of Rwanda is now also focusing on the quality of education. A primary emphasis contributing to quality education is [...]

The National Curriculum Development Centre (NCDC) ensures that all school curricula are well-understood and effectively used by teachers via regular visits to schools, training seminars to orient teachers, periodic reviews, research and evaluation of curricula. NCDC attaches great importance to ensuring continuing education and training and the encouragement of individual [...]

The establishment of the Teacher Service Commission (TSC) was constituted in March 2006, the responsible task force was charged with the task of studying, examining and recommending the institutional structure, management and legal context of the proposed TSC whose role is to deal with the development and management of teachers in Rwanda. As a Government body responsible [...]

United States
The National Clearinghouse for English Language Acquisition collects, coordinates and conveys a broad range of research and resources in support of an inclusive approach to high quality education for ELLs. To fulfill its mission NCELA supports high quality networking among state-level administrators of Title III programs. In addition to SEA coordinators, NCELA serves other [...]

The main tasks of the institute are research and development of vocational and adult education. Further more, it offers information services, publications, statistical data, further education of teachers and trainers, organisation and preparation of vocational examinations and the financing of projects.

The Centre for Education Development (CED) was established on 1 January 2010, as the result of merger of National In-Service Teacher Training Centre and Methodological Centre of Psychological-Pedagogical Counselling. CED is a national teacher training institution. The Centre objectives include: * actions for quality assurance in education, particularly through [...]

The OECD Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS) helps answer the question how countries can prepare teachers to face the diverse challenges in today’s schools. TALIS asks teachers and schools about their working conditions and the learning environments. It covers important themes such as initial teacher education and professional development; what sort of [...]

The ultimate aim of the project is to create a sustainable and vibrant umbrella organisation, with legal status, under which many kinds of associations – large, small, monolingual, multilingual, representing not only the “big” languages of Europe, but also the rich variety of languages to be found within our borders – can meet and find ways to motivate learners, [...]

SEEP is a network of teachers, teacher trainers and policy makers who are shaping the future of science education. Members in the SEEP network are working and learning together for the benefit of youths who are choosing careers in science. The network activities including online discussion forums, research and training workshops.

Kyrgyzstan; Russian Federation; Ukraine
The Euro-Asian Jewish Congress was created in 2002, by the initiative of the leaders of the Kazakhstan Jewish Congress, the Federation of Jewish Organizations and Communities of Russia (Vaad Russia), and the Association of Jewish Organizations and Communities of Ukraine (Vaad Ukraine). The Euro-Asian Jewish Congress aims to defend the rights and legitimate interests of the [...]

This report was published on the site of the Turkish University in Kyrgyzstan. It describes the development of English teaching in Kyrgyz Schools and Universities ince the independence.

This article reveals basic conceptions of the standards for continuos training of teachers in the Republic of Moldova elaborated by Cara Angela, PhD, Prof. Gutu Vladimir, PhD, Prof. Gremalschi Anatol, PhD, Solovei Rodica, PhD , Baciu Sergiu, PhD. It is also concerned with the Teacher Education Policies in the Republic of Moldova from the perspective of changes that are going [...]

The Insight web base on schools and information and communication technology (ICT) provides this country report on the integration of ICT into the school and education system in Italy. Priority is given to the description of educational reform bills and to programmes and projects. While current educational reform has led to an extension of compulsory education, thus including [...]

ENTEP exists to promote co-operation among European Union Member States regarding their teacher education policies in relation to initial, in- service and continuous professional development programmes, in order to: Develop opportunities to learn from each other by analysing and comparing policies and issues, as well as by sharing good practices; Promote the discussion and [...]

This website provides information about the Department for Curriculum Management and its various resource centres. It provides access to the Maltese National Minimum Curriculum - a framework establishing parameters within which every school will be empowered to design and propose an educational provision that meets its particular curricular needs - and to the syllabi, [...]

Beit Berl College is one of the oldest colleges (founded in 1946) and one of the leading institutions for teacher training in Israel. The college holds academic courses for teacher training (pre-school, primary and high school, special and informal education, and youth advancement), arts and the cinema, nature and the environment, and also diploma studies in librarianship, [...]

The institute of science of education (ISE) in Paraguay is an educational institution for teacher training and further education. The website gives an overview of political reform programs and objectives in the field of primary and secondary education and teacher training. It offers information on topics as bilingual intercultural education, the use of new information and [...]

Peru; Latin America
Foro Educativo is an organisation of educational professionals in the field of education policy and research. It seeks to help improve the quality and equity of education by developing national and regional programs and initiatives in Peru, in cooperation with the public and private sector. Decentralisation in education policy is another import field of activities. The website [...]

The objective of the Institute for the Promotion of a Quality Education (EDUCA) is to improve the quality of education in public schools and to support the innovation of teacher education and further education of teachers. The homepage leads to information about these programs and the implementation of these projects.

This website addresses all persons working as educators, students and parents. The information given is arranged according to the target group. An important thematic area is the use of Internet for educational purposes. The homepage provides information texts on aspects of education in Peru and abroad, texts for teachers, resources, link lists concerning educational software, [...]

This institution provides initial and in-service education for teachers who teach children of the indigenous population in the Amazonian region of Peru with special focus on bilingual and intercultural competence. The web site has information about activities of the program, services and the content of the courses.

This is the website for educational matters of the Council of Europe. It provides information on the following cooperation programmes: Education of Roma/Gypsy children in Europe; Teaching Remembrance (i.e. Education for the prevention of crimes against Humanity); Education for democratic citizenship and human rights; History teaching; Intercultural education; Languages; Higher [...]

The website of the French Ministry of National Education provides an overview of the activities and educational constituents of the Ministry, information about the educational system including educational reports and statistics, information on educational policy and development (including official documents etc) and information for teachers (training, jobs etc). There used to [...]

France; international
Each French "scientific region" (académie) has an international representative (DAREIC) which co-ordinates school exchange, international activities of schools, programmes for teachers\' linguistic improvement and respective pedagogical assistance to schools. The homepage provides addresses of all DAREICs. The "académies" are an administrative structure of the French [...]

A list of teacher education institutions and further education opportunities for teachers.

The ZEM organizes didactical and educational-methodical training courses for teachers at schools of upper secondary level. In the range of quality development it provides training for school leaders and persons who are responsible for quality and advises schools in matters of quality development. The website provides an overview of the various training courses.

CAIS is a community of independent schools in Canada, which promotes the quality of education of its members by observing performance and compliance of educational standards. These are – besides being up to date with national standards – always desired to be congruent with the internationally accepted criteria and model core standards and therefore updated annually based [...]

The Centre for Principal Development at Umeå University is responsible for The National Head Teacher Training Programme in the four northern counties and in Skåne in Sweden. CDP works actively to ensure that research and other activities should have an international character. Information on board, staff and co-operations. Download of papers on school leader ships. Links to [...]

The web site of the Ministry of Education of Cuba (URL: or doesn`t exist at the moment (stand: September 2011). This website provides a description of the activities of the Ministry.

Särnät´s goal is to achieve national cooperation of all special schools in the field of information and communication technology. The creation of a common platform and the professional support for teachers in the usage of ICT as well as the promotion of information technology as an educational tool are its main activities.

United States
ATE\'s aim is to improve the effectiveness of teacher education through development of quality programs to prepare teachers, by analyzing issues and practices relating to professional development. Information on research in teacher education and awards and on standards (also as PDF-brochure). A broad range of publications: journals ( subscription necessary), newsletter free, [...]

Northern Ireland; United Kingdom
NASUWT is one of the largest teachers\' unions and the only one to organise in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. NASUWT has members in all sectors of education and represents teachers in all roles including heads and deputies. The website provides news and information for teachers and informs about legal services and training courses. Addresses of local councils [...]

Unic-C is a government institution under the Danish Ministry of Education. It is concentrating on IT solutions for education and research (Danish Research Network, "Forskningsnettet") by creating educational material, educational websites, and connection of schools to the Internet. Other areas covered are training of teachers in the use of IT in education. The website informs [...]

The Canadian Teachers´ Federation (CTF) is a national alliance of provincial and territorial teacher organizations that represent nearly 200,000 elementary and secondary school teachers across Canada. CTF strives to help with increasing teachers´ influence with the government, with improving salaries and working conditions and with being a contact for teachers in hard times [...]

South America; Central America; North America; international
The mission of the portal is described as follows: "With links to over 4, 000 distance learning opportunities, fellowship programs, courses for the ongoing professional development of teachers and other related sites of interest, the Educational Portal encourages students, researchers, educators and all adult populations to improve their knowledge from the convenience of their [...]

In the decentralized Swedish school system the responsibility for ICT is shared. The role of the Government and its Agencies is to promote the use of ICT in education, mainly by supporting the municipalities and independent schools in their tasks. The website informs about surveys about the use of ICT in Swedish schools and preschools, the promotion of practical ICT and media [...]

TESOL stands for Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages. TESOL\'s mission is to develop the expertise of its members and others involved in teaching English to speakers of other languages to help them foster effective communication in diverse settings while respecting individuals\' language rights. This website provides information on activities and services of [...]

This website can be used as a very comprehensive entrance to information about the French education system, mainly school education. The index page offered here has links to texts (programs and courses) for the primary school, the general and the vocational secondary school, curriculum subjects the programs for the priority education zones, continuing education for teachers [...]

The Organization for the Professional Preparation of Teachers (OPPI) is a national association of non-profit character. It was founded in 1965 in order to "promote the education and contiuing training of instructors and others employed in the educational area". This homepage provides information on OPPI\'s educational possibilities, it presents the work of the centre in [...]

The Observatory Centre for Educational Development is a research office at Corvinus University of Budapest dedicated to the development of the education sector. Our top-priority areas of research include: information analysis related to VET/ adult education (financing, management, social and economic benefits); initial and continuing training of teachers and school leaders; [...]

The ATEE was founded in 1976 to create a wide European network in order to foster closer liaison and co-operation between institutions for the education of teachers and those responsible for that education in Europe. The ATEE provides the vital role of a formal organisation and permanent forum for European and international contacts between persons and institutions in charge [...]

Restode is the Eduserver of the French-speaking community of Belgium. The network provides overall information on the educational system and intends to facilitate the communication and to help realise educational projects. The starting points are "Education", "Library", "Orientation" and "Events". They provide e.g. access to texts with various issues, to addresses of [...]

United Kingdom
An independent charity which works with the whole family to support the child who is gifted and talented. A relaunch of the site is planned for 2013.

The Centre is under the supervision of the Ministry of Education and associated with the CNDP; it was founded in 1983. Its mission is to promote, especially by means of training activities, multiple use of news media in teaching. The following activities are described: Liaison between teachers and news professionals, training, documentation of materials about "media and the [...]

TACT is a virtual community of support and communication for professional development. The acronym TACT stands for TéléApprentissage Communautaire et Transformatif (French), and for Technology for Advanced Collaborative Teaching (English). It stresses that successful integration of web-based facilities into the learning and, later, working environment implies extensive [...]

Since 1 September 2005, the Educatieve Hogeschool van Amsterdam (EHvA) is an integral part of Hogeschool van Amsterdam. Its predecessor was The Amsterdam Faculty of Education (EFA), that was formed in 1996 through the merging of the faculties of education of Hogeschool van Amsterdam and INHOLLAND University. This institute calls itself a major and in some areas leading and one [...]

United States
Networks is the first on-line journal dedicated to teacher research. The journal will provide a forum for teachers\' voices, a place where teachers working in classrooms, from pre-school to university, can share their experiences and learn from each other. In each issue, you will find feature-length articles, as well as short reports of work-in- progress, book reviews, and [...]

United Kingdom
The Teaching Agency is responsible for initial teacher training (ITT) in England. It provides a comprehensive programme of support to help you become a teacher, providing guidance all the way through the application process. Through ITT you’ll receive rigorous training, with new teachers rating their training as a very good preparation for the classroom. In this section you [...]

Acting on behalf of the Federal Administration, the Swiss Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (SFIVET) provides tertiary-level basic and continuing training to VET/PET professionals. SFIVET also conducts research and development in the VET/PET field. SFIVET provides: Basic and continuing training of VET/PET professionals at vocational schools, professional [...]

United Kingdom
"CILT was established in 1966 as an independent charitable trust, supported by central government grants with the aim of collecting and disseminating information on all aspects of modern languages and the teaching of modern languages. CILT´s prime objectives are: to promote a greater national capability in languages; to support the work of all those concerned with language [...]

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