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Education Worldwide


Welcome to Education Worldwide!
This site provides you with information on education and educational research in an international context. Our webdossiers are compiled using country or subject specific Internet resources.

Anti-Racism Learning Series (SIETAR Europa)

Videostill, das Menschen zeigt, die gegen Rassismus protestieren.
Copyright: SIETAR Europa (Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research)

The "Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research" (SIETAR Europa) has launched a Learning Series on Anti-Racism starting on 1st July 2020. The first event was a panel discussion on "Anti-Racism for Interculturalists" Following this discussion, there will be two presentations on "Whiteness, Fragility and the Culture of niceness" and "Taking Another Look in the Rear-View Mirror". You can either take part virtually in the live event via Zoom or watch the series later on via youtube.

New publication: Unesco GEM Report 2020 with focus on Inclusion & Education

Cover des Global Education Monitoring Reports (GEM) 2020
Cover of the Global Education Monitoring Reports (GEM) 2020 "Inclusion and Education"
Copyright: Global Education Monitoring Report Team / Unesco

The new Unesco World Education Report was presented on 23 June 2020. The focus this time is on inclusion in education. The report has been published since 2002. Until 2015 it was known as the "Education for All (EFA) Global Monitoring Report". Since 2016 its name has changed to "Global Education Monitoring (GEM) Report". It accompanies and documents the implementation of the goals set by Unesco for certain periods: the Millennium Development Goals from 2000-2015; and from 2016 onwards, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).


The full report is available in 6 languages including English. Summaries are available in some more languages. You will also find an easy-to-read version.

Educational regulations and decrees in time of the coronavirus pandemic (worldwide)

Screenshots der Titel spezieller Verordnungen und Erlasse im Bereich Bildung während der Coronavirus-Pandemie (weltweit), in der Datenbank von Planipolis zu finden
Screenshots of the titles of special educational regulations and decrees in time of the coronavirus pandemic (worldwide) made available by the Planipolis database
Copyright: Cohen / Planipolis, CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

The Planipolis portal collects and links special regulations and similar documents from all over the world that were necessary in connection with the coronavirus pandemic in the field of education. This mainly concerns day-care center and school closures, but also other measures, e.g. budget, digital learning. Planipolis is a portal run by Unesco.

European Schoolnet and Covid-19: E-Teaching resources for teachers

Logo des European Schoolnets und Titel des Artikels:

The European Schoolnet offers links to resources related to digital education and teaching. You will find strategies for online teaching, platforms for sharing e-resources, the European Schoolnet Academy Blog, webinars and much more. The compilation of links originated in the wake of the coronavirus crisis, in which school closings around the world are forcing students to teach and learn digitally from home.

The Coronavirus gets explained in easy language

Man kann sich schnell mit dem Coronavirus anstecken. Bilder erklären, wie man sich verhalten muss.
The Coronavirus spreads quickly. Pictures explain how you should behave.
Copyright: Inclusion Europe

The organisation "Inclusion in Europe" explains the Coronavirus in easy language.

The Coronavirus spreads quickly. The Coronavirus is very contagious.

The organisation "Inclusion in Europe"  explains how you should behave. The organisation gives an easy explanation in many languages. For example in English, Italian, Spanish or French.

The links to the easy explanation are below the picture.

New webdossier on "Learning Analytics" compiled by the German Eduserver

Graphische Darstellung eines Vortrags über Learning Analytics
Visualisation of a keynote by George Siemens about Learning Analytics (Apereo Conference 2014)
Copyright: Giulia Forsythe, "Sensemaking with Learning Analytics @gsiemens #apereo14 keynote", CC0

The 10th Learning Analytics Conference (LAK20) took place from March 25-27, 2020. Due to the current corona pandemic, the anniversary edition took place entirely online for the first time in LAK history. It was organised by our colleagues in the "Educational Technology" department of the DIPF. 

On this occasion, we want to take a look at this still relatively new field of activity in educational research. Our dossier deals with the application of Learning Analytics (LA) in schools and Higher Education in Germany (in German) as well as with the international development of LA (Engl+Ger).

In our dossier you will find definitions, basics, literature tips, and further information on research projects, specialist societies, application areas, journals, conferences as well as critical thoughts related to the field of "Learning Analytics".

Worldwide effects on education caused by the Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Vier Weltkarten, die die Entwicklung der weltweiten Schulschließungen aufgrund des Coronavirus zwischen dem 11. und 18.03.2020 zeigen.
Four world maps that show the development of school closures worldwide (11 to 18 March 2020) due to the Corona virus (Covid-19).
Copyright: 2019 Unesco / Denis Pitzalis, based on data from United Nations

The coronavirus epidemic of 2020 has an impact on education worldwide, as Unesco reports.

Meanwhile, 850 million students (as of March 18th, 2020) cannot go to school due to school closures due to the corona virus. On its website, Unesco provides a world map showing in which countries schools are closed either nationwide or at a regional level.

In order to remedy this situation, Unesco recommends the use of distance learning and digital learning programmes and platforms. For this purpose, an extra page with lists of e-learning platforms, apps and more is provided.

The links to the Unesco pages can be found here:

Country Dossiers

You can find webdossiers and further information sorted by country. Continents and regions can also be found in the alphabetical list (for example, find “Europe” under E). You can click on continents on the interactive world map. A list of countries belonging to this continent will appear.

Events worldwide

Dear user,
Due to the Coronavirus pandemic many events have been cancelled worldwide. For this reason, we decided to stop our events feed for the time being. In case you are still interested in an event or looking for a special conference, you can still do this in our worldwide events list or via our general events calendar. Some events may take place online now. Please take a look at the respective event’s website for detailed and up to date information.
Your Education Worldwide team