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News Worldwide

This page provides you with educational news and new publications from around the world for the current year.

For older news from the past years, please take a look at our news archive.

Decolonising Data Summit - aufgezeichnete Vorträge und Präsentationsfolien

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In the course of the AI debate, everyone is also talking about data or Big Data. In this context, concern is often expressed about the possible lack of objectivity of data in terms of gender, age, race, culture or sexual orientation. The problem is that this can lead to discrimination. An interesting event was organised in this regard by NORRAG, the Network for International Policies and Cooperation in Education and Training. It dealt with the "decolonisation of data". A keynote address and two panels covered the following topics:

  •     "A New World? Transformational Knowledge and Decolonization" (keynote).
  •     "Decolonising International Assessment" (Panel 1).
  •     "Decolonising Ed-Tech" (Panel 2).

The website linked here provides the video recordings of the keynote and the panels, as well as the slides for the keynote.

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EU wide MOOC for teachers and parents: "Unlocking the Power of AI in Education"

Zahnräder sowie eine Glühbirne mit einem Schlüsselloch und einer Hand mit Schlüssel davor.

The main target audience of European Schoolnet's MOOC are educators as well as parents with an interest in the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in education and its potentials and challenges. No previous experience or knowledge of AI is needed to take this course. The course is open from 13.03. till 19.04.23.

Through the four modules of the MOOC, AI resources, tools and technologies will be examined that can be safely implemented in your daily teaching practice to enhance teaching and learning. The MOOC will furthermore explore the use of educational data and how it interacts with teaching and learning. There will also be a reflection on ethical implications of AI’s use in the classroom. At the end of the course, the participants will prepare their own AI-related learning activity, ready to be put into practice.

"The study is part of a larger cyber citizen skills project, the first phase of which is research-based, resulting in this research report. (...) The goal of the first phase of the project was to determine the current state of cyber citizen skills education and training in the EU Member States and the kind of educational content available for teaching these skills. The study [...]

Global Survey on the Internationalisation of Universities

Logo der 6. Globalen Umfrage der Internationalen Vereinigung der Universitäten (IAU) zur Internationalisierung

The International Association of Universities (IAU) is launching its 6th global survey on the status of the internationalisation of Higher Education. Universities from all over the world are invited to take part in the survey until 31 March 2023. This year it is dedicated to the future of internationalisation in higher education.

The survey has been taking place since 2003. The respective results of each survey require a fee. A summary of the results of all previous surveys can be found for free under the following links:

  1. Survey 2003 (questionnaire & full report)
  2. Survey 2005 (key results)
  3. Survey 2009 (summary)
  4. Survey 2014 (summary)
  5. Survey 2018 (summary)

    The Varkey Foundation, which is now apparently also gaining a foothold in Latin America, has been one of the largest international players in the field of education for years. Examples include partnerships with Unesco and Unicef, the organization of the Global Education and Skills Forum and the awarding of the Global Teacher Prize. The founder of the foundation, an Indian [...]

    South America; Latin America; Africa; South Asia; South-East Asia; Eastern Europe; Pacific Rim
    The "NORRAG - Network for International Policies and Cooperation in Education and Training" presents a project that aims at giving the so-called Global South a voice. With #TheSouthAlsoKnows Project, Education experts from the Global South can [...]

    "Governments and education policy makers are increasingly concerned with equity and inclusion in education due to several major global trends such as demographic shifts, migration and refugee crises, rising inequalities, and climate change. These developments have contributed to increasing diversity within national populations and flagged some concerns around the ability of [...]

    New webdossier: Cyber attacks on education - a worldwide problem

    Ein Laptop mit ganz vielen Zahlen und einem Schlosssymbol.

    We admit that the topic of our new dossier is not a very festive one given that Christmas is coming soon.  But it is a topic that has directly concerned us at the DBS and DIPF Institute over the past few weeks, as we ourselves have been victims of a cyber attack. Education Worldwide took the opportunity to research the topic of cybercrime in the field of education. It turned out that education is one of the most popular targets for hackers around the world. The sources we compiled for our webdossier will tell you the reasons for this, it will present you facts and statistics, and it will show you some examples of how different countries are dealing with this problem in the education sector.

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