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Ariadne Pfad:


Events - Meetings of specialists

Relevant European and international events, sorted chronologically. Find more listings of international events in the menu bar in the blue box (on the right in the desktop layout, below in the mobile device layout). Older events and events about Germany are listed in the Event calender provided by the Eduserver.

Beginning 07.06.2023

Foreign language learning (FLL) is a key factor for educational success and integration in a modern, globalized world. European countries have set ambitious educational standards for FLL in the last decades, and migration and globalization have given rise to increasingly heterogeneous and multilingual student populations in schools. In this challenging context, sophisticated [...]

Czech Republic
Beginning 19.06.2023

The conference asks what educational, legislative, and institutional means actors (individuals and groups, i.e. educators, teachers, social educators, doctors, psychologists, parents, churches, national and professional associations, and civic groups and institutions of the modern state) have used to read, respond to, and confront the hardships of war, illness, and [...]

Beginning 27.06.2023

The Open Science Conference 2023 is the 10th international conference of the Leibniz Research Alliance Open Science. The annual conference is dedicated to the Open Science movement and provides a unique forum for researchers, librarians, practitioners, infrastructure providers, policy makers, and other important stakeholders to discuss the latest and future developments in [...]

Deadline for CfP 15.01.2023
Beginning 28.06.2023

Change is an omnipresent theme in contemporary discourse on schools, teacher education and educational research. Indeed, change is an inherent trait of educational institutions, which in essence are designed to help learners develop, and thus change. However, change as a concept frequently pursues a specific agenda that mirrors how people, institutions and even entire [...]

Deadline for CfP 31.12.2022
Beginning 28.06.2023

The 10th IEA International Research Conference (IEA IRC) will take place 28–30 June 2023 at The Royal Marine Hotel, Dún Laoghaire in Dublin, Ireland, and will be preceded by two-day workshops on secondary data analysis of IEA data from 26-27 June 2023. The Educational Research Centre of Ireland will be hosting the conference. The 10th IEA IRC will be [...]

Deadline for CfP 15.03.2023
Beginning 29.06.2023

International conference, organized by the TESOL team of TU Chemnitz, hosted by Jun.-Prof. Dr. Jennifer Schluer. The conference will take place as a hybrid event from June 29-30, 2023, in Chemnitz (Altes Heizhaus, ⌖ Straße der Nationen 62) and online. Digital feedback comprises a wide range of possible realizations, such as feedback in text editors, cloud documents, [...]

Deadline for CfP 09.03.2023
Beginning 03.07.2023

After 15 years, EDULEARN has become an annual meeting point for lecturers, researchers, educational scientists and technologists. Every year, EDULEARN brings together over 800 delegates from 80 different countries.It will provide the ideal opportunity to present your projects and experiences to an international audience. Also, it will offer participants an overview of [...]

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