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Events - Meetings of specialists

Screenshots der Veranstaltungsabsagen oder zeitlichen oder virtuellen Verschiebungen  auf den jeweiligen Veranstaltungswebseiten.
Screenshots of event websites with cancellations, postponments or changes to virtual meetings.
Copyright: The pictures' copyright lies with the respective events' organisers.

Dear users,

Due to the worldwide spread of the coronavirus, more and more events are currently being cancelled completely, postponed or are only taking place online.

As the situation is changing very quickly at the moment, please note that events announced on our website may have been cancelled or postponed meanwhile or will take place in the virtual space. Please check the respective event's website to make sure that your chosen event really takes place!

Please find a link on the issue of education during the corona pandemic below.

Your Education Worldwide team

Relevant European and international events, sorted chronologically. Find more listings of international events in the menu bar in the blue box (on the right in the desktop layout, below in the mobile device layout). Older events and events about Germany are listed in the Event calender provided by the Eduserver.

Beginning 27.01.2022

In many nation states, including the United States and Germany, schools serve increasingly culturally diverse students with the goal to fully prepare them for living morally, creatively, and productively as citizens of a democracy. This is a steep task and questions about how educators can best serve the needs of their diverse students while creating and upholding common [...]

Beginning 01.02.2022

Nach 3 Semestern Lehre in Zeiten der Pandemie ist es Zeit, zu resümieren, konsolidieren und fantasieren: Was kam, was bleibt, was wird noch kommen? Viele Durchbrüche, Erfahrungen und Best Practice Modelle des Lehrens wurden von Einzelpersonen und  Institutionen gemacht. Der Austausch hat sich intensiviert, Ideen und Wege gibt es viele.  Die [...]

Beginning 02.02.2022

The theme, “The future potential of vocational education and training: Strengthening VET for the next generation”, alludes to the divergent developments that vocational education and training has been facing in recent years. The proportion of young people entering VET has declined in many countries, and academic education has expanded. Yet VET, and [...]

Beginning 08.02.2022

Die Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmer lernen die Struktur des neuen Rahmenprogramms und die Beteiligungsmöglichkeiten kennen. Die einzelnen Programmbereiche und ihre Besonderheiten werden vorgestellt. Außerdem erläutern wir die wichtigsten Grundbegriffe der europäischen Forschungspolitik, klären die Voraussetzungen für die Beteiligung, besprechen [...]

Beginning 09.02.2022

The seminar invites participants to discuss and debate about the reasons, meanings and implications of the rampant interest in Bildung, especially as Nordic Bildung, since the concept has for long been marginalized in research and policy discourses on adult education. There are several features which seem to be shared between the diverse actors and activities. The protagonists [...]

Beginning 17.02.2022

Entrepreneurship competence generally supports a higher rate of start-ups, leads to a better employability and prevents social exclusion. It is not only about starting a business but also about creating value for others, innovation, inclusion and sustainable development; hence a must-have key competence for all. The workshop ‘Entrepreneurship competence in [...]

Deadline for CfP 04.10.2021
Beginning 17.02.2022

The European Learning & Teaching Forum is an EUA event that provides an opportunity for participants to meet and discuss developments in learning and teaching at European universities. The Forum builds on EUA’s work with its member universities on this topic. Alongside the bottom-up approach, the Forum makes use of EUA’s extensive policy work in European [...]

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