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Education Systems International

ENABLE - Self-learning for Arab refugee children

https://www.enable-tamkin.comExterner Link


As part of the Erasmus Plus project, the project partners conducted four workshops with 70 Arabic-speaking tutors and trainers in Germany, Italy, Turkey and Sweden. Together they have developed a training concept and a training tool for teachers, educators and volunteers, which supports newly immigrated children with innovative pedagogical methods such as self-organized learning. The training is available online at in English and Arabic.

Record-ID: 8911
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Title (English): ENABLE - Self-learning for Arab refugee children
URL (English):
Resource type: Project/Programme
Keywords from index: self-instruction; pedagogics; pupil; teacher; school routine; learning; integration; in-service teacher education; educational psychology; pedagogics instruction; teacher training college; open education; intercultural education; interactive learning;
Free keywords: ERASMUS; inklusive Bildung; Flüchtling / refugee; Trauma; Online-Kurs; Diskrimination / discrimination; Inklusion / inclusion; Lehre / teaching; student; teacher; training;
Language: English; Arabic
Source / author of the website: PH Schwäbisch Gmünd
Country of origin of the resource: Germany;
Release date: 24.09.2019
Update: 24.09.2019
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