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Notes for the use of the search form:
  • Automatic combination of search terms: within a field: OR, if the box "all words" is ticked: AND. between fields: AND, OR, AND NOT
  • For search terms consisting of more than one word please use an underline:
    Examples: United_Kingdom, vocational_education
  • Truncation is possible with an asterix, e.g. higher*
  • Time spans can be limited by using =, <, >, <= or >= Example: "Update" >=01.03.2009 AND <=20.10.2009

For the fields "Country/Region", "Language", "Resource type" and "Keyword" indices are available from which search terms can be chosen.
After choosing the respective field from the drop-down list a symbol appears at the end of the field. Click on the symbol to access the index. The search terms are directly included into the search field by clicking.

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