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Education Systems International

Enlaces - Centro de Educación y Tecnología (CET)

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Enlaces, the Centre for Education and Technology (CET), a department of the Ministry of Education of Chile, has the task to improve the quality of education by including educational IT in the school system, which is adequat to the necessities of the information society. Concrete objectives are the support of school to make the lessons more efficient, the developemt of new teaching methods and the intensification of IT competences of teachers and pupils.

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Title (English): Enlaces - Centre for Education and Technology
Resource type: Institution/Organisation/Association
Keywords from index: e-learning; teaching of computer science; information technology; information science education; institution; ministry of education; competence; lecturing; teacher; teacher training; in-service teacher education; female teacher; teaching method; educational materials; computer literacy; computer based training;
Language: Spanish
Release date: 21.06.2011
Update: 21.06.2011
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