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Education Worldwide


Welcome to Education Worldwide!
This site provides you with information on education and educational research in an international context. Our webdossiers are compiled using country or subject specific Internet resources.

Screenshots of the old and the new homepage of Education Worldwide with the text: Integration of Education Worldwide into the portal of the German Education Server and redesign.
Screenshots of the old and the new homepage of Education Worldwide
Copyright: DIPF / DBS CC BY 4.0

Education Worldwide Redesign and Integration into the German Education Server
As of September 12, 2017, Education Worldwide will appear redesigned and integrated into the Portal of the German Education Server (DBS). You will then find Education Worldwide amongst the "education topics" of the DBS. You can find English information on what kind of changes this implies for navigating Education Worldwide by following the link in the title.

Country Dossiers

You can find webdossiers and further information sorted by country. Continents and regions can also be found in the alphabetical list (for example, find “Europe” under E). Soon, our world map will be interactive. You will then be able to click on continents and a list of countries belonging to this continent will appear.