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Welcome to Education Worldwide!
This site provides you with information on education and educational research in an international context. Our webdossiers are compiled using country or subject specific Internet resources.

50 Years of Educational Science and Research in France

Detail eines Hauses in den französischen Nationalfarben Blau, Weiß, Rot

New webdossier by Education Worldwide

In 2017, France celebrated 50 years of educational science and research. Two major conferences took place to recall the beginnings of educational science as a university subject in 1967, and to look back on its development during the last 50 years.

In December 2018, a special issue of the journal Éducation et socialisation. Les cahiers du CERFEE will be published. It will include contributions from the two anniversary conferences mentioned above on 50 years of educational science in France.

On this occasion, Education Worldwide compiled a webdossier on educational research in France. It offers an insight into professional societies & associations, research institutes & centers, research history, themes & trends, as well as conferences and journals of French educational research.

UNESCO Global Education Monitoring Report 2019 was published: Focus on migration & displacement

Cover des UNESCO-Weltbildungsberichts 2019 zu Flucht und Migration
Cover of the UNESCO Global Education Monitoring (GEM) Report 2019 on migration & displacement.
Copyright: Unesco

The new Unesco Global Education Monitoring (GEM) Report 2019 has been published. This year, the report's focus is on migration, displacement & education.

The UNESCO GEM Report has been published since 2002. From 2002 to 2015, it was published under the name "Education for All (EFA) Global Monitoring Report". Its aim was to frame the Unesco "Education for All" action program  and to examine its implementation. The action program was replaced in 2016 by the "Education Agenda 2030", which has similar goals. Along with this, the report was renamed and is now called the "Global Education Monitoring (GEM) Report".

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