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Ariadne Pfad:


Reading Promotion and Education in Norway

Lesende Kinder
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Norway is guest of honor at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2019. On average, Norwegians read more than other European nations - at school and in their spare time. We have collected information about examples of successful practice in reading promotion in Norway. You will find long-standing institutions and nationwide campaigns that encourage young people in Norway to read more books. Secondly, an overview of the Norwegian education system is provided including reports and statistics on Norwegian education policy and research.

Reading Promotion and Support in Norway

„Foreningen !les“ (The association !read ) is a nationwide campaign to encourage people in Norway to read more books. „Foreningen !les“ was established in 2001, following a pre-project that started in 1997. The organisation is a private initiative, and it is partly financed by membership fees and contributions from the participating organisations, and partly through [...]

„Lesesenteret“ (National Centre for Reading Education and Research) is part of the University of Stavanger, within the human sciences faculty. Within university education and research, the centre targets reading education and respective research. The Centre regards itself as an institution specialising in research on reading and writing difficulties (e.g. dyslexia) and is [...]

The Norwegian Institute for Children's Books (Norsk barnebokinstitutt) is situated in the National Library in Oslo: It works toward transmitting and ddisseminating child and youth literature in Norway. The website provides information on current book fairs, literature prizes and author and illustrator portraits. Moreover, the Institute offers training opportunities to actors [...]

"tXt" for young people was initiated in 1997: it is the largest and oldest reading promotion campaign for Norwegian youth aged 13 to 16 years. With the participation of "Foreningen! Les", the campaign is funded by the Norwegian Center for Arts and Cultural Education. Every year from August to December, high school students throughout [...]

"Rein tekst" for young people of 16 and 19 years This campaign builds on the same principles and methods as "tXt", with the difference that "Rein tekst" is aimed at the target group of older students. In this case, the paperback contains abstracts of publications intended to appeal to more experienced readers. It covers the same [...]

"NM i poesi slam" - poetry contest The poetry contest "NM i poesi slam" was founded in 2005 by the Forenigen! Les and combines poetry, hip-hop, theater, sports and the performing arts. Participants will be judged on the basis of their lyrics and performance arts. Preselections are held at literature festivals throughout Norway. The [...]

The Jugendliteraturpreis is an award bestowed by young people for the best book of the year. Every year, nine classes of middle schools are selected who have applied to participate in the Jury for the Youth Literature Prize. In the process of making the decision, the young people read five books that were positively reviewed by young [...]

The Youth Critics Award is an award in the sense of the French "Prix Goncourt des Lycéens". This is intended to recognize young people as readers of Norwegian contemporary literature - experience confirms that the award encourages a lasting interest in reading among young participants. Nine school classes from different disciplines of [...]

Education in Norway

Conversations from Oslo: Prime Minister of Norway, Erna Solberg on Education (source: YouTube)

Norwegian Institutions

The English homepage of the Norwegian Education Ministry provides comprehensive information about its organisational structure, education policy, various data and full texts about the education system, as well as access to full-texts on education and research in Norway.

The Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training is the executive agency for the Ministry of Education and Research. The Directorate has the overall responsibility for supervising kindergarten, education and the governance of the education sector, as well as the implementation of Acts of Parliament and regulations. The Directorate [...]

The Goethe Institute Norway is actively engaged in fostering cultural exchange beettween Germany and Norway and promoting the German language, as well as running projects aimed at education for democracy. In light of the Frankfurt Book Fair 2019,Norway is presented as a Guest of Honour with public events, readings.

Education System and Policies

Eurydice  provides those responsible for education systems and policies in Europe with European-level analyses and information which will assist them in their decision making. The dossier on Norway contains information and data from OECD and Eurostat, from the respective EU countries and from other EU institutions.




Facts about the education system in Norway - video of the Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training 2017 Please note that this is not accessible for screenreader users. (source:Vimeo)

In den Fachprogrammen des Bundesministeriums für Bildung und Forschung gab es seit 2010 insgesamt 67 Projekte mit norwegischer Beteiligung. Thematische Schwerpunkte der laufenden Forschungskooperationen liegen in der Gesundheitsforschung, der Gesundheitswirtschaft und der Bioökonomie.

The online dossier of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) informs about higher education and degree programmes in Norway and links to English language documents, e.g. an overview of the education system and a Bologna report.

The country information for Norway, a member of the European Agency, focuses on assessment, specialist Support, financing, teacher education in inclusive education.

Refernet is a Network of European experts in vocational education and Training which publishes annual reports for EU member countries, Iceland and Norway. Topics: participation and Organisation, labour market, economic Background.


The website offers numerous statistical data on all areas of education as well as links to further statistical resources.

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