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„Rein tekst“ - Leseförderkampagne für ältere Schüler Link


"Rein tekst" for young people of 16 and 19 years This campaign builds on the same principles and methods as "tXt", with the difference that "Rein tekst" is aimed at the target group of older students. In this case, the paperback contains abstracts of publications intended to appeal to more experienced readers. It covers the same variety of genres as in the tXt campaign outlined above. In the national reading year 2010, "Rein tekst" is also aimed at workplaces for the first time. Therefore, the paperback also interviews with professionals from the various professions are reprinted. In addition, inquiries are being made to companies regarding their involvement.

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Title (English): „Rein tekst“ - Reading Promotion for older students
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Keywords from index: promotion of reading; pupil; puberty; youth; motivation; cultural education;
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Release date: 04.09.2019
Update: 04.09.2019
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