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„UPrisen“ - Jugendliteraturpreis Link


The Jugendliteraturpreis is an award bestowed by young people for the best book of the year. Every year, nine classes of middle schools are selected who have applied to participate in the Jury for the Youth Literature Prize. In the process of making the decision, the young people read five books that were positively reviewed by young people. During a meeting in Oslo, the teenagers then debate the books proposed by the respective classes as "winners." The award ceremony takes place every year in May as part of the Norwegian Literature Festival in Lillehammer. The main goal of the Youth Literature Prize is to give the young people a positive reading experience. This is to a lifelong, active interest in literature are awakened. The young readers should be encouraged to develop their own opinion, perspective and critical ability. In addition, attention should be drawn to the youth literature available on the market - from the perspective of young people, teachers and librarians, the genre is promoted.

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Title (English): "UPrisen" - Youth Literature Price
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