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Inclusion: Europe

A painted signboard in front of a school showing children with different ethnic background, one child with a wheelchair and a rainbow in the background.
Sign in front of Beulah Infants School, Thornton Heath, London
Copyright: Stefan Szczelkun, "TH - School Sign" , CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

In Europe, the topic of inclusion is also taken on and promoted by the European Union. Hence, this web dossier provides an overview of important strategies, evaluations of action plans, country reports and other official documents. The topic of inclusion is also highlighted in research conferences and conference reports. Research alliance websites and publications provide an insight into the research discourse. Our dossier is structured as follows:

You will find information on inclusion in individual countriesExternal link on a separate page.

We wish you a good time browsing these resources!

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European Politics

Many political developments at the European level are closely interlinked with international developments and actions and we recommend users to look at our "International Politics" section, too.

Informational website of the European Commission about the European Disability Strategy 2010-2020. You will find background information as well as links to the official documents of the strategies of 2004-2010 (sometimes also declared as 2003-2010) and 2010-2020. Furthermore, an short summary is given of the 8 priority areas of the [...]

This report evaluates the strategy / action plan on equal opportunities for people with disabilities 2003/4-2010, run by the European Union (EU). It analyses the relevance, efficiency, effectivity, impact and sustainability of the action plan and gives a conclusion and recommendations for further actions. [Abstract: Editors of Education Worldwide].

Europe; France; Germany; Hungary; Italy; Netherlands; Poland; Slovenia; Spain; Sweden; United Kingdom
 was made 
 and [...]

Recommendations from the Lifelong Learning Programme Inclusion (European Union) which ran from 2010 to 2012. Unfortunately, the only thing left of the original project website is a copy of the front page from the internet archive as [...]

Events, Conferences, Proceedings

This link leads you to results from the Events Database of the German Education Server. Due to technical reasons, the link to the results created on the day this entry was made is limited to December 2017. You can broaden the results to a later date yourself.

Beginning 20.09.2015

50. Arbeitstagung der Dozierenden der Sonderpädagogik in den deutschsprachigen Ländern/Jahrestagung der Sektion Sonderpädagogik in der DGfE – Unter der oben angegebenen URL finden Sie die Einladung mit genaueren Informationen zum Inhalt der Tagung. Von dort aus gelangen Sie z. B. auch zum Programm und zu Informationen zur Anmeldung. Anmeldeschluss ist der 31.08.2015.

Beginning 22.09.2014

Die Deadline für den Call for papers ist am 30. Juli 2014. Der Kongress findet vom 23. - 26.09.2014 statt. "Auf dem internationalen Kongress der IAHE in Witebsk wird das Thema „Begabung und Kreativität“ sein, eingebettet in das große Rahmenthema „Umgang mit Heterogenität/Diversity“. (...) Schwerpunkte des Kongresses sind: - Begabung und [...]

Beginning 14.07.2014

"The topics addressed at the congresswill follow a structure closely linked to the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities (CRPD). The focus of this congress will allow participants among others to detect areas for future research meaningful with respect to evidence based promotion on those rights as expressed in the CRPD. The 4th IASSIDD Europe [...]

Beginning 27.03.2014

Im Fokus dieser Konferenz steht die Umsetzung der UN-Behindertenrechtskonvention auf kommunaler Ebene. Dazu wird erstmals auch eine vom ZPE entwickelte Arbeitshilfe zur Planung inklusiver Gemeinwesen der Fachöffentlichkeit vorgestellt. Präsentiert werden europäische Ansätze und Erfahrungen des Zusammenspiels von politischer Verantwortung, aktivem zivilgesellschaftlichem [...]

In November 2013, the European Agency for Special Needs and Inclsjive Education hosted a conference on inclusive education. First results are presented as key messages for policy makers, researchers and decision makers.

Organisations, Networks, Research

The main objective of the agency is to work towards the creation of a coherent and permanent framework for extended European co- operation in the field of special needs education. Its main tasks are to collect, process and distribute information about new and innovative measures in the field of special needs education as well as to [...]

Inclusion Europe is a European association that campaigns for the rights and interests of people with intellectual disabilities and their families throughout Europe. Inclusion Europe is also a member of Inclusion International. The website provides information on the legal situation in the respective European countries, on political [...]

Europe; Belgium; Denmark; Estonia; Italy; Portugal; Turkey; United Kingdom
SENnet is a network for Special Educational Needs. It is funded by the European Union and co-ordinated by European Schoolnet. Under the category "resources", the website provides reports and case studies (partly as a video and from different countries), a list of [...]

Europe; international
The "European Educational Research Association" (EERA) has several networks, amongst others the network 4 "Inclusive Education" which brings together European researchers working on inclusion in an international perspective. The network organises conference sessions together with other thematically close networks. Their [...]

"[ANED] was created by the European Commission in December 2007.DOTCOM: the Disability Online Tool of the Commission [...] to support policy development in collaboration with the Commission's Disability Unit. Its philosophy and aims support the objectives of European disability policy towards the goal of full participation and equal [...]

[The network existed until about 2018. We link to a Internet Archive copy of its website as of April 2022]
The European Network on Inclusive Education & Disability was co-financed by the European Social Fund and had a focus on employability and working inclusion. The website provided a database of experts and organisations having a [...]

Website of a research cooperation funded by EU on inclusion and social cohesion. Includ-ed ran from 2006 to 2011. Research centre from 14 countries participated. The website provides information on the research topics, on results, conferences, researchers and more. Unfortunately, many fulltexts under "results" are not availably anymore. [...]

Germany; Italy; Luxemburg; Sweden; Europe
The project "itm" aimed at analysing teaching material from Sweden, Italy, Germany and Luxembourg with regard to their inclusion-sensitivity. Based on this analysis, the project partners went on to compile evaluation criteria and develop inclusive teaching materials themselves. Under "project goals" [...]

Journals, Literature

The journal is published since 1986. Access is subject to a fee or a licence. Please check your local (university or other) libraries for fulltext access. [Abstract: Editors of Education Worldwide]

The European Journal of Disability Research has been published since 2007. Access is subject to a fee or a licence. Please check your local (university or other) libraries for fulltext access. [Abstract: Editors of Education Worldwide]

The German journal "Zeitschrift für Inklusion" published a special issue on international perspectives on inclusion in 2010. Some of the articles published are in English: Special Needs Education in Europe: Inclusive Policies and Practices * The first decade of the 21st century: A Backlash for Inclusion in Norwegian Schools? * Inclusion in Scotland: "We're a' Jock Tamson's [...]

"Teacher Education for Inclusion across Europe - Challenges and Opportunities presents a synthesis of policy and practice from 25 Agency member countries. The Teacher Education for Inclusion project investigated how all teachers are prepared via their initial training to meet the needs of more diverse learners in the classroom. This report draws on the detailed accounts of [...]

This is the official yearbook site of the Centre for Disability Law and Policy (CDPP) at the University of Galway. Unfortunately, compared to the former website, this one provides little information and more broken links.
Please go directly to the publisher's website for [...]

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