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The Finnish success in PISA - and some reasons behind it. PISA 2003. Link

The outstanding success of Finnish students in PISA has been a great joy but at the same time a somewhat puzzling experience to all those responsible for and making decisions about education in Finland. At a single stroke, PISA has transformed the conceptions of the quality of the work done at the comprehensive school and of the foundations it has laid for FinlandÂ’s future civilisation and development of knowledge. Traditionally, Finland had been a country following the example of others. Now it suddenly changed to one serving as a model for others reforming school. In this publication the researchers responsible for the implementation of PISA in Finland try to open up some perspectives on the possible reasons underlying the high performance of Finnish students in PISA. There is, in fact, no one single explanation for the result. Rather, the successful performance of Finnish students seems to be attributable to a web of interrelated factors having to do with comprehensive pedagogy, studentsÂ’ own interests and leisure activities, the structure of the education system, teacher education, school practices and, in the end, Finnish culture.

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Finnland, PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment), PISA-Studie 2003,

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Entnommen aus Jyväskylä: Institute for Educational Research. ISBN 978-951-39-3037-0 (nid.); ISBN 978-951-39-3038-7 (PDF)
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