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National education reports worldwide

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"Since its first edition in 1991, the State of Education reports on key indicators to analyse [the French] education system and assess the impact of policies implemented. Structured around the means used, conditions of schooling and pupil and student results, the publication highlights main developments and provides [...]

The report offers an analysis of differences in education in France by department, region and local school administration from early childhood education to higher education. The data are organised by 30 indicators and presented in graphs and tables. The report is published every three years. For former reports starting in 1993, please [...]


Luxembourg's main page for its National Education Report. The education report is published every three years. You can find old education reports from 2015 onwards. The report is published by the University of Luxembourg as an author's report. Unfortunately, there is no English version of this website. But you can find a short [...]


Every year the Dutch Inspectorate of Education publishes the Annual Education Report on the state of education. This report outlines developments and key themes in Dutch education and includes findings for primary, secondary and higher education. An English summary informs about the most important subjects of the report. [...]


The Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research in Austria presents its national education reports on this page. The page itself is only available in German, but you can find an executive summary in English for reports starting in [...]

Overview page of the Federal Institute for Quality Assurance in the Austrian School System (IQS) on the Austrian National Education Report. Unfortunately, this website is only available in German.

"Until 2018, the overall coordination was carried out by the BIFIE (Federal Institute for Educational Research, Innovation and [...]

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