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swissuniversities works to strengthen and enhance collaboration among Swiss institutions of higher education and promotes a common voice on educational and research issues in Switzerland. Furthermore, swissuniversities performs coordination tasks and acts on the international level as the national rectors\' conference for all universities, universities of applied science and [...]

France; Germany
The website of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) provides ample information on academic exchange and cooperation with France. Information only available in German. [Abstract: Editors of Education Worldwide]

The Country Fact Sheet Georgia offers broad information on all areas of (social) life. Therefore also the education system of Georgia is examined. The issues general education, higher education, vocational education, scholarships, entry into higher educational institutions and the evaluation system are discussed. There are several related links and contact information for most [...]

"Study in Holland" is a portal created by the organisation EP-Nuffic which supports internationalisation in education in the Netherlands. The website provides information on all aspects of studying in the Netherlands, as well as practical information on everyday life. Furthermore, you will find information on options after having studied, concerning the labour market or [...]

Belgium; Germany
The website of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) provides ample information on academic exchange and cooperation with Belgium. Information only available in German. [Abstract: Editors of Education Worldwide]

Netherlands; Germany
The website of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) provides ample information on academic exchange and cooperation with the Netherlands. Information only available in German. [Abstract: Editors of Education Worldwide]

United Kingdom; Germany
The website of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) provides ample information on academic exchange and cooperation with the United Kingdom. Information only available in German. [Abstract: Editors of Education Worldwide]

The website of the Indonesian Ministry for Education does not have an English version. In Indonesian language, it provides ample information on education in Indonesia, for example on the curriculum, on scholarships, digital learning, teacher education, a platform for digital schoolbooks and much more. [Abstract: Editors of Education Worldwide]

Indonesia; Germany
The website of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) provides ample information on academic exchange and cooperation with Indonesia. Information only available in German. [Abstract: Editors of Education Worldwide]

This platform was initiated by the non-profit initiative for transparent study grants based in Germany. The platform receives funding from the European Commission and provides information about scholarships, grants and awards in European countries, together with advice and background information regarding application.

Finland; Germany
The website of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) provides ample information on academic exchange and cooperation with Finland. Information only available in German. [Abstract: Editors of Education Worldwide]

The official Finnish statistics agency provides information on indicators for different sectors in Finland. You can find 7 educational indicators: * 20-29-year-olds without post-comprehensive level educational qualification * Educational structure of population * Entrance to education * Patenting * Progress of studies * Recipients of financial [...]

Palestinian Autonomous Areas
The website of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research provides information on educational goals and planning, statistics, laws and regulations, research, funding and scholarships, accreditation, exams and more. Unfortunately, most of the information is in Arabic - you will find some exceptions for example in the statistics (see single documents). [...]

Palestinian Autonomous Areas
The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) is one of the main actors in the Palestinian education system. UNRWA runs "703 schools, 9 vocational colleges, 2 educational science faculties and 2 teacher-training institutes". These institutions are not only run in the Palestinian Territories, but also in Jordan, Syria and Lebanon, [...]

Palestinian Autonomous Areas; Germany
The website of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) provides ample information on academic exchange and cooperation with Palestine. Information only available in German. [Abstract: Editors of Education Worldwide]

Israel; Germany
The website of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) provides ample information on academic exchange and cooperation with Israel. Information only available in German. [Abstract: Editors of Education Worldwide]

Greece; Germany
The website of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) provides ample information on academic exchange and cooperation with Greece. Information only available in German. [Abstract: Editors of Education Worldwide]

Ukraine; Germany
The website of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) provides ample information on academic exchange and cooperation with Ukraine. Information only available in German. [Abstract: Editors of Education Worldwide]

Russian Federation; Germany
The website of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) provides ample information on academic exchange and cooperation with Russia. Information only available in German. [Abstract: Editors of Education Worldwide]

Germany; India
The website of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) provides ample information on academic exchange and cooperation with India. Information only available in German. [Abstract: Editors of Education Worldwide]

China; Germany
The website of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) provides ample information on academic exchange and cooperation with China. Information only available in German. [Abstract: Editors of Education Worldwide]

South Africa, Republic; Germany
The website of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) provides ample information on academic exchange and cooperation with South Africa. Information only available in German. [Abstract: Editors of Education Worldwide]

Brazil; international; China; India; Russian Federation
"Ciência sem Fronteiras" (Science Without Borders) is a broad Brasilian scholarship programm. It aims at promoting up to 100,000 Brasilian students until 2014/2015 and helping them to spend part of their studies in a foreign country.The website provides information on the scholarship programm and about partner countries that signed an agreement with Brasil on student exchange [...]

India Education Review provides information on current developments and events in the Indian educational sector. The articles rather have a journalistic style, even though their authors mostly are professionals in the educational sector. You will also find interviews, comments, case studies, information on educational programmes, scholarships, or job offers. [Abstract: Editors [...]

Brazil; Germany
The website of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) provides ample information on academic exchange and cooperation with Brazil. Information only available in German. [Abstract: Editors of Education Worldwide]

This page of the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides a link list arranged by topic. The section on education offers links to general resources, learning Hebrew, universities and other institutions of higher education, research institutes and academic journals, elementary and secondary schools als well as miscellaneous resources. [Abstract: Editors of Education [...]

This page of the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides detailed information on programmes taught in English for students from abroad at undergraduate and graduate levels, and summer programs as well as scholarships offered by the Israeli government to foreign students. In addition, there are topical news on education in Israel.

Austria; Germany; Croatia; Hungary; Slovenia; Italy; international
The aim and purpose of founding the Rectors´ Conference was to enable collaboration between the universities and colleges and to seize the diverse opportunities available for scientific, artistic and future-oriented cooperation. Issues of cultural, scientific, political or general importance are dealt with in the form of symposia and research projects.

The Ecuatorian Institute of Education Credits (IECE) contributes to the national development of education by generating products, financial services and scholarship programs. Thereby it facilitates the access to scientifical and technological knowledge which empowers the students to do their bit to the improvement of the competitivity of the productive sectors of Ecuador. [...]

Latin America; Antigua and Barbuda; Argentina; Bahamas; Barbados; Belize; Bolivia; Brazil; Chile; Colombia; Costa Rica; Cuba; Dominica; Dominican Republic; Ecuador; El Salvador; Grenada; Guadeloupe; Guatemala; Guyana; Jamaica; Honduras; Mexico; Nicaragua; Panama; Paraguay; Peru; Puerto Rico; Saint Kitts and Nevis; Suriname; Trinidad and Tobago; Uruguay; Venezuela; France; United States; Caribbean
The website of the Latin American Network Information Center (LANIC) offers extensive link lists to institutions and websites of the primary, secondary and higher education field as well as to language courses and to scholarships. The links are arranged by country or by category.

The portal, maintained by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research, provides information about the studies in France covering all important fields of studying and students\' life like subjects of study, inscription and admission procedures or legal questions, furthermore an overview of financial issues (grants and scholarships), details for handicapped students, [...]

The National Agency for the Promotion of Science and Technology is an organ of the ministry for science, technology and productive innovation. Through its 4 funds - fund for scientifical research (FONCyT), technological fund Argentina (FONTAR), trust fund of the promotion of software industry (FONSOFT) and Argentinian sectorial fond (FONARSEC), the Agency fosters the [...]

Nicaragua is a portal which offers a list of private universities of Nicaragua (stand: 2011). Furthermore, it contains information about careers, scholarships and job offers.

The Gabonese Ministry of Finance installed a direction for financing and promoting students with grants and practical support. Reffering on that, the website provides information for students about the application for a financial promotion including the conditions with the specific forms.

Burkina Faso
The Centre national de l\'information, de l\'orientation scolaire et professionnelle, et des bourses is the official service centre of the Ministry for secondary and higher education and scientific science from Burkina Faso. Its agenda concentrates on the preparation and allocation of information for students in schools and universities aiming to help them with information and [...]

South Africa, Republic
"As an independent government agency, the NRF promotes and supports research in all fields of knowledge. It also conducts research and provides access to National Research Facilities." A focus is on natural sciences. The website provides a lot of information on projects, programmes, scholarships, research centres, centres of excellence, annual reports on research in South [...]

The Liberian Education Trust (LET) was established to support the restoration of basic education in Liberia. Based in the US and Liberia, the trust seeks to raise funds for projects in Liberia´s education system, especially in women´s education.

The Lesotho Education Fund provides full scholarships for secondary school to talented students in Lesotho who cannot afford the school fees. The scholarships cover all school fees, books, and exam fees for all five years of middle school and high school.

The primary mission of the Kenya Education Endowment Fund (KEEF) is to provide scholarships for very bright students from Kakamega County in Western Kenya who do not have the financial means to pay the fees for secondary and post-secondary schools in Kenya.

Dominican Republic
Dominicana on line, an information portel of the Dominican Republic, offers detailed knowledge of diverse aspects of the country. The category "Educación e Investigación" presents general information about "Primary, Secondary & Superior Education", a list of Dominican universities including information about the subjects as well as links to the homepages of the higher [...]

The `Gambia Resource Page´ has an education sector. It offers a list of schools, information on scholarships and a list of internetlinks for teachers.

Somero empowers young people in Uganda through education. Due to the inequality of the sexes, the focus of Somero is on the support of girls and young women. Somero awards educational scholarships to young Ugandans who pursue their dream of education with high motivation, but cannot realize it because of a lack of money or family support. By obtaining the comprehensive [...]

The Montenegrin Ministry of Education and Research offers general information about the contents and goals of the country concerning the field of education policy, education system and details from the single educational sectors. Furthermore, the website adds laws, strategy papers and information about funding and scholarships, national and international projects and [...]

This is a resource page for all people who are interested in contacting Ethiopians/Friends of Ethiopia in higher education. It holds the names, addresses, emails, and research areas of several Professors.

The department "directory for management training" of the Moroccan Ministry for national education, higher education, management training and scientific research offers students and pupils information about the Moroccan higher education system, about vocational training, studies abroad etc. In the rubric "bourses de cooperation", scholarships and background information (e.g. [...]

The education server of the German-speaking community belongs to the department "Teaching, Training and Occupation" of the ministry of the German-speaking community. Therefore, its tasks and fields of activities share information and hints in the domains of pedagogic subjects, teaching organization, teachers’ subjects, vocational training and further education, [...]

Slovak Republic
The internet portal offers a list of the university cities of Slovakia inlcuding basic information about the city, a link list of the local universities and cultural offerings. Besides, it informs about scholarships of different providers as well as about regional, national and Europe-wide education programs. The category "Study in English" contains specifications [...]

The website "studyindenmark" provides information about study programs (programs taught in English, summer schools etc.), a link list of Danish education institutions including a list of their courses of studies as well as links to their homepages, progress reports of foreign students, indications about tuition and scholarships as well as a categorie for student life in [...]

This homepage grants access to an overview of the economy, politics, culture etc. of the Netherlands. The category "Bildung" contains information about Dutch schools in Germany, international school in the Netherlands, a list of the Dutch universities including links to their homepages as well as links about studies in the Netherlands. Furthermore, information about [...]

Study in Sweden is a comprehensive resource for information about higher education in Sweden. The site incorporates a database of English-language degree programs, information about Sweden´s universities as well as practical facts concerning application procedures, scholarships, visas, accommodation and information for learning Swedish as a foreign language.

Kazakhstan; Kyrgyzstan; Turkmenistan; Tajikistan; Uzebekistan
The European External Action Service shortly presents the EU cooperation with the Central Asian countries within the field of education.

Eastern Europe; Central Asia; international; Afghanistan; Armenia; Azerbaijan; Bahrain; Bangladesh; Bhutan; Brunei Darussalam; China; Georgia; Hong Kong; India; Indonesia; Iraq; Iran; Japan; Yemen; Jordan; Cambodia; Kazakhstan; Qatar; Kyrgyzstan; Korea, Democratic Peoples Republic; Republic of Korea; Kuwait; Laos; Lebanon; Macao; Malaysia; Maldives; Mongolia; Myanmar; Nepal; Oman; Pakistan; Philippines; Palestinian Autonomous Areas; Russian Federation; Saudi Arabia; Singapore; Sri Lanka; Syria; Tajikistan; Taiwan; Thailand; Timor-Leste; Turkey; Turkmenistan; Uzebekistan; United Arab Emirates; Vietnam
Country information for applicants for a study abroad in a Asia. In order to view them one has to select the respective country. There is an address of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), country information of the German Foreign Office, information about the education system and higher education, a specific link list, information about scholarship programmes and [...]

Republic of Korea
The Homepage provides information on the Korean education system, study abroad in Korea and learning the Korean language. The site also offers lists of universities and information about working in Korea as well as culture and everyday life in Korea.

Republic of Korea
Korea Research Foundation (KRF) is a national organization dedicated to social and scientific development. Main tasks of the KRF are as follows: 1) promotion of basic research, 2) support for women and young scientists, 3) promotion of scientific exchange and cooperation between North and South Korea and international research partners, 4) advancing progress in science and [...]

Isle of Man; United Kingdom
On this site you can find information about primary and secondary schools, along with further education institutions. There is also departmental information, a support section including information on grants, and school holiday dates.

Germany; Germany
ELFI is a German language service for research funding information. While public funding has been cut short and competition has grown, higher education institutions in Germany need to acquire external funding. In many cases, the quality of research is assessed by scientists' ability to tap external funding sources, hence they are in need of information regarding funding [...]

As part of the Flemish Interuniversity Council (VLIR), VLIR-UOS is responsible for the policy and management of the international cooperation between the 6 universities and 22 university colleges in Flanders, Belgium, and their partner universities in the South. The website offers information about the various scholarship programmes, also available as download.

This is the official Site of the Ministry of Higher Education Employment and Social Security, it provides information about labour market regulations, training and study opportunities as well as scholarships.

The site provides information on study opportunities in Flanders, Belgium: It answers questions about Flanders, living in Flanders, the education system of Flanders and funding opportunities. The database can be searched for study programmes or for Flemish higher education institutions. Besides, the brochure "Study in Flanders" is available for download.

The Higher Education Register is a legal register that contains all the accredited higher education programmes in Flanders, Belgium. The search engine (\'Find a programme\') gives access to all these programmes. The Website provides also links and information about studying in Flanders, the degree structure, admission and visa requirements, institutions of higher education, [...]

Whoever is interested in studying in Belgium gets advice as well as useful information on this web site, for example about the Belgian higher education system in general, university courses, application and funding. Furthermore the site provides an overview of seminars to studying in Belgium, which are organized by EDU-CON.

This portal offers incoming researchers and scientists general and practical information about working and living in Belgium including useful links to legal and administrative fields, cultural information, information about the national mobility centres, the national research landscape, job vacancies, research fellowships and grants.

The website of the Ministry of Education and Human Resources of the Republic of Mauritius has the character of a portal. It offers links leading to information about the Ministry and to the single levels and areas of the education system. Besides it provides particulars on scholarship offers and international activities of the island country as well as files on educational [...]

Europe; international; Albania; Andorra; Belarus; Belgium; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Bulgaria; Denmark; Estonia; Finland; France; Georgia; Greece; Ireland; Iceland; Italy; Kosovo; Croatia; Latvia; Liechtenstein; Lithuania; Luxemburg; Malta; Macedonia, The former Yugoslav Republic; Moldova; Monaco; Montenegro; Netherlands; Norway; Austria; Poland; Portugal; Romania; Russian Federation; San Marino; Sweden; Switzerland; Serbia; Slovak Republic; Slovenia; Spain; Czech Republic; Turkey; Ukraine; Hungary; Vatican City; United Kingdom; Cyprus
Currently country informations for applicants to study abroad in a European country are only available in German. In order to get this service you have to choose a specific country. At the country page you will find the address of the regional bureau of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), cultural and educational information, a link list as well as information about [...]

This website of the Department of Education, Science and Training ( DEST) provides extensive information both for international students who wish to come to Australia as well as Australian students who wish to study abroad. It also provides information for school students and trainees. Many of the department's publications on international education can be accessed online for [...]

"AFUW is the voice of graduate women promoting the advancement of women worldwide and their equality of opportunity." Its website provides information on the AFUW, its activities and scholarships.

The central education authority of Liechtenstein offers detailed information on the topics: school types, curricula, education authorities, supportive measures, scholarship/ loans, Council of Europe, European Union programmes, quality assurance and development, school statistics, as well as publications, and holidays calendars.

This site of the homepage of the Maltese government contains links to many pages that include lists of schools, the Exams Department, libraries and how to apply for a scholarship. The General section includes enrolment for evening classes, students\' maintenance grants, resources for children and links to related publications.

The Austrian National Students Union (ÖH) is based on federal law - the Hochschülerschaftsgesetz. It is the only recognised representation of all students at Austrian Universities and Academies of education. ÖH is financially, administratively and politically independent and represent students politically and administratively on the level of subject, faculty, university and [...]

Russian Federation
This website is a comprehensive collection of information from a Russian perspective about studies abroad, particularly in the U.S.A. and Great Britain. It offers amongst other things study programmes, scholarship offers, conference reports and aptitude tests.

The agency of study allowance is a federal agency, subordinated to the federal ministry of education, science and culture. It is a public service agency, that fulfills information, counselling and financing duties for students in the tertiary education sector. The rubric ´Studienförderung´ informs who has a claim for support and how much one has to expect; moreover other [...]

The activities of the ÖAD embrace general, academic and vocational education with – historically grown – specific focus on academic mobility. ÖAD was established in 1961 by the Austrian Rectors’ Conference with the purpose of supporting foreign students during their stay in Austria. Today the ÖAD is the biggest non-profit-making service agency in the field of [...]

Austria; Ukraine
The society Austria Cooperation, sponsored by the Austrian ministries of education and foreign affairs, obtains placements for German as a foreign language, language assisstances and lectorates abroad for students and graduates, supports with a fonds for short grants scholars from Eastern and South Eastern Europe and hosts the Austrian- Ukranian cooperation bureau for science, [...]

This NGO is active in Mongolia in the area of promoting access to international (higher) education, the home page lists links to information on scholarships, books, a monthly calendar and a link labelled "education systems". This provides a survey of the education systems of several countries.

"The Plan aims to provide a network of study opportunities throughout the Commonwealth. Although special emphasis is placed on the needs of developing nations, the scheme is intended as a genuine partnership, with opportunities and benefits for all member countries. Awards under the scheme are not made by any central body. It is for each Commonwealth country to decide whether [...]

The site introduces the JASSO (Japan Student Services Organization), an autonomous institution officially authorised to prepare students for the access requirements to Japanese universities, in particular language courses and basic skills (sciences, culture). It also offers grants and scholarships, and further links lead to information concerning courses and student life on [...]

The website is designed by the Japanese Council in Germany, it offers information about the major non commercial academic exchange programmes between the two countries (JET, DAAD, competitions, stipends). A vast collection of links to further exchange sites can be downloaded from this page.

NAAC is an autonomous body affiliated to the University Grants Council. It is concerned with the assessment and accreditation of financial support to higher education institutions such as grants, stipends and project financing. The home page outlines its primeval goal of developing quality criteria for higher education by evaluation and self assessment. The page provides links [...]

The umbrella organisation unites the Tibetan exile schools located in India. Its objective is to co-ordinate school activities concerning the development of curricula, teaching materials, and teacher training. The home page further lists information on financial aid to students and quality assessment. It contains links to schools, curriculum information, and management

India; Sri Lanka; Nepal; Bangladesh; Germany
"DAAD" stands for "Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst", also known as German Academic Exchange Service. DAAD is a joint organization of German institutions of higher education and student bodies. Their aim is to promote academic cooperation worldwide, especially through the exchange of students, scholars, academics, and scientists. The homepage provides links for South [...]

The National Council on Scientific and Technical Research (CONICET) in Argentina was founded in 1958. The web site provides information about the organizational structure, administrative bodies, statutes, activities and programs, documents and other publications of the council and a link list of the member universities and institutes. According to its website, both the [...]

Peru; Chile
The website of the international program of scholarships and grants of the Ford Foundation informs about regional programs in Peru and Chile.

JET (Japanese Exchange and Teaching Programme) is an organisation founded by national ministries (Education, Foreign, Economy) and local bodies. Its major goal is to interest foreign academics in spending a year in Japan, e.g. as exchange teachers at Japanese schools. The programmes and requirements are described.

The database is maintained by students and staff at the Yamasa Multimedia Studio, with financial assistance provided by Japan's Hattori Foundation in response to the demands and needs of many international students hoping to study in a Japanese university or graduate school. The Yamasa Institute as a body of the Hattori Foundation ( which supports education programmes at all [...]

This website provides access to precise information on the French higher education system, study courses, preparation of a study sojourn for foreign applicants, opportunities of financing studies, promotion and advice, practical information and useful links.

Africa; Africa South of the Sahara
The African Economic Research Consortium (AERC), established in July 1988, is a public non-profit organization. Its principal objective is to strengthen local capacity to conduct independent research into problems pertinent to the management of economies in sub-Saharan Africa. The website contains information about the AERC, its training and research programs. Sections as [...]

The cooperation National University Network (REUNA) is a cooperation initiative which, occasioned by research and higher education institutions, presents the only technological infrastructure of academic networks which work with research, education and innovation in Chile. REUNA is connected with international academical networks worldwide. Over this connection, members can [...]

Dominican Republic
The homepage of the ministry shows, beside a box about the ministry itself, the following areas: higher education ( institutions, scholarships, information technology in higher education, service and counselling, virtual library); science and technology (projects, service); the national information system. Furthermore, there are numerous hints on national, international and [...]

The Deputy Ministry for Science and Technology (VCyT) is subordinate to the ministry of education of Bolivia. It is responsible for the planification and the support of research, development and innovation activities of the country. The web site provides descriptions of the three departments of the Ministry: general university education, technical and technological education [...]

This web site provides comprehensive and detailed information about all issues of higher education. Particular features are: higher education statistics (see "SIES") and a searchable data base of all tertiary institutions ( see "directorio de instituciones").

Wales; United Kingdom
"The work of the British Council in Wales concentrates on the arts from Wales, the promotion of education in Wales, the international promotion of Wales, its language and culture and on providing support to international students who live and study in Wales through British government and other scholarship and training awards."

Northern Ireland; United Kingdom
The British Council Northern Ireland promotes education, the arts, governance and society of Northern Ireland internationally and provides advice and help for international students.

Republic of Korea
NIIED's tasks are the establishment of the national identity of Koreans living abroad and to encourage a successful life in their residing countries, to support international education through exchange and to provide government scholarships for students from abroad, to manage programmes for learning English for Koreans and to increase the understanding of Korea for foreigners.

Asia; Pacific Rim
The Foundation, a non-profit, grant-making organization, was established in 1995. The mission of the APEC Education Foundation is to support APEC endeavors towards shared prosperity and community building in Asia and the Pacific by advancing the cause of education and human resources development in APEC economies. To achieve this mission, the Foundation aims to promote [...]

NBI is an information centre and document archive for literature for children and young people. It is also a specialist library. As of 2002 NBI\' s collection numbers 58.000 volumes. The collection is computerized. From the database book lists are being compiled which will be available on request. Much of the collection is available for loan. Broad range of links to related [...]

The Icelandic Ministry of Education, Science and Culture awards annually a number of scholarships to foreign students for study of the Icelandic language, literature and history at the University of Iceland, Reykjavík. To date information on the application procedure ( application form to download).

Information about the Danish State Educational Support (SU).

The website presents the organisation AHEAD and offers access to their handbook for students with disabilities (full-text, HTML format, ' accessing third level education in Ireland'), an online guide to grants, scholarships and disability benefits, reports on third level options, Irish disability-related documents and organisations.

The section on post-secondary edcucation covers information on post-secondary institutions, apprenticeship and trades, certification, funding and financial information, research and innovation.

United Kingdom; Scotland
The Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS) is responsible for processing support applications from eligible Scottish domiciled students undertaking full time, higher education courses up to degree level throughout the UK. The web site offers information about student awards, student support and application forms (Online Application Service).

The 'Danish National Research Foundation' is committed to funding research within the basic sciences, life sciences, technical sciences, social sciences and the humanities. The website provides information on the board, main activities, and types of grants. Publications are availabe to download ( PDF-format) . Links to Danish ministries, universities and research institutes.

The International Programme Office for Education and Training is now part of the Swedish Council for Higher Education (Universitets- och högskolerådet). It informs about international aspects in all areas of education and supports those interested in international cooperation. It is also responsible for the education programmes within the EU.

The STINT Foundation was established in 1994 by the government. The mandate is to support the internationalisation of Swedish research and higher education and has two main components: to enhance the quality of Swedish research and higher education and to advance Sweden´s relations with other nations, culturally, economically and scientifically. The homepage links to [...]

Russian Federation
This website of the Russian Internet-Portal "5ballov" (Note Sehr gut) offers educational information on the following categories: lectures, tests, education in Russia, education abroad, higher education institutions in the Russian Federation as well as education and law. Besides it provides latest news on educational developments in the country. Numerous links and search [...]

The report has three main purposes. It provides: an overview of the higher education sector in 2001, including new government policies and initiatives; a review of the performance of higher education institutions and information on the allocation of funding for the 2002-2004 triennium. The report, the executive summary, references and an index can each be downloaded as [...]

CanLearn Interactive is an initiative of the department of Human Resources Development Canada, and is governed through the participation of all provinces, territories and over 25 Canadian learning and career development organizations. The website is a one- stop web-based resource providing information, products and services to help Canadians decide what and where to study and [...]

The Canadian embassy in Berlin offers a short overview and links to detailed information on school and study visits in Canada.

Laos; Laos
The website of the university provides informative texts about its organizational structure, departments and study programs and practical information about admission, fees, scholarships, special programs and services.

United Kingdom
New Opportunities Fund is a Lottery Distributor created to award grants to health, education and environment projects throughout the UK. The site informs about the grant programmes for education.

This website of the Argentinian Education Ministry provides information about all issues of studying in Argentina and the higher education system. An index of the services offered and a thematic index give access to the texts.

South America; Central America; North America; international
The mission of the portal is described as follows: "With links to over 4, 000 distance learning opportunities, fellowship programs, courses for the ongoing professional development of teachers and other related sites of interest, the Educational Portal encourages students, researchers, educators and all adult populations to improve their knowledge from the convenience of their [...]

Besides links to vocational and higher education institutions the website provides information about scholarship programmes in Barbados.

Info-Poland is the Website of the Polish Academic Information Center and at the same time a result of U.S.-American and Polish co-operation in higher education. This homepage offers links to the following categories: Education System; Higher Education; Learning Polish; Primary and Secondary School; Scholarships.

United States; Canada
This site provides links to all sorts of information about loans, scholarships and other types of financial support for students in the USA. There is a special page for Canadian students in the section ´Other types of aid´.

The homepage contains current messages and announcements of events from the Liechtensteiner education sector. Within the navigation bar one finds links with detailed material on: PISA 2003, school types, curricula, education authorities, further services, first day at school/ change of school, promotion funds, scholarship/loan, preparing choice of career, Council of Europe, [...]

Spain; Latin America; United States; Puerto Rico; Caribbean
Today (stand: March 2012), the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU) represents more than 300 colleges and universities committed to Hispanic higher education success in the U.S., Puerto Rico, Latin America and Spain. Its mission is to promote the development of member colleges and universities and to improve access to and the quality of post-secondary [...]

This website of CIMO provides information for all those who are interested to study or getting training in Finland.- The Centre for International Mobility, CIMO, offers services and expertise to encourage cross-cultural communication. CIMO administeres scholarship and exchange programmes and is responsible for the implementation of a number of EU education, training and youth [...]

The Swedish Institute (SI) is a public agency that promotes interest and confidence in Sweden around the world. SI seeks to establish cooperation and lasting relations with other countries through strategic communication and exchange in the fields of culture, education, science and business. SI also supports Swedish language instruction at foreign universities. SI works [...]

On this page the International Association of Universities (IAU) offers links to full texts which provide descriptions of higher education systems of 180 countries worldwide. These overviews are part of the World Higher Education Database (WHED) which is also published on a CD-ROM. The texts are provided for download in RTF format. Each text is structured as follows: [...]

After a text about catholic schools, this full text offers information on the education system of the Republic of Kiribati. It is subdivided according to the following educational levels: kindergarten, primary education, secondary education, technical education and universities.

CODESRIA's principal objectives are facilitating research, promoting research-based publishing and creating multiple fora geared towards the exchange of views and information among African researchers. It challenges the fragmentation of research through the creation of thematic research networks that cut across linguistic and regional boundaries.- In particular this website [...]

Latin America; Caribbean; Virgin Islands of the United States; Argentina; Barbados; Belize; Bolivia; Brazil; Chile; Costa Rica; Dominican Republic; El Salvador; Ecuador; Guadeloupe; Guatemala; Guyana; Honduras; Jamaica; Colombia; Cuba; Martinique; Mexico; Nicaragua; Panama; Paraguay; Peru; Puerto Rico; Suriname; Trinidad and Tobago; Uruguay; Venezuela; United States; France
This list provides, first, links to the higher education institutions in the countries (alphabetically arranged), followed by links to international higher education resources, international educational exchanges and to information about scholarships and grants.

Singapore; Singapore
The homepage provides links to texts about admissions (information on undergraduate and postgraduate admissions, bursaries and scholarships and fee payment schemes); information on faculties and Graduate Schools, their programmes and curricula; on research, publications, resources and practical advice for students.

Singapore; Singapore
At the bottom of the homepage there is a bar of pictures: by clicking "study" a site is provided with information about studying and studying conditions, financing, fees and scholarships and international schools in Singapore. The link "Centre of educational excellence" provides short descriptions of the country's universities (partly with links); "Overview of education" shows [...]

South America; Central America
The links are structured in 4 separate lists: distance study (institutions, on-line courses, journals and writings, other resources), higher education, international co-operation, scholarships), language programs (studying Latin American languages in the countries) and primary and secondary education (school inventories and children's literature). The lists are structured [...]

Latin America
Founded in 1967, the network CLACSO now counts more than 580 participating institutes, centres and associations in more than 45 countries doing social science research on and in Latin America. Among the members and research subjects, you will also find educational ones. CLACSO moreover runs a network of virtual libraries and repositories with an overall search over more than [...]

Africa South of the Sahara; Africa; international; Angola; Equatorial Guinea; Ethiopia; Benin; Botswana; Burkina Faso; Burundi; Djibouti; Ivory Coast; Eritrea; Gabon; Gambia; Ghana; Guinea; Guinea-Bissau; Cameroon; Cape Verde; Kenya; Comoros; Congo, Democratic Republic of; Congo; Lesotho; Liberia; Madagascar; Malawi; Mali; Mauritania; Mauritius; Mozambique; Namibia; Niger; Nigeria; Rwanda; Zambia; Sao Tome and Principe; Senegal; Seychelles; Sierre Leone; Zimbabwe; Somalia; South Africa, Republic; Sudan; Swaziland; Eswatini; Tanzania; Togo; Chad; Uganda; Central African Republic
Country information for applicants for a study abroad in an African country (Sub-Sahara region). In order to view them one has to select the respective country. There is an address of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) , country information of the German Foreign Office, information about the education system and higher education, a specific link list, information [...]

Slovak Republic
This site describes the main activities and the departments (accessible via ´´linky´´) of the Slovak Academic Information Agency which offers its services through a network of nine branches for the development of education and consulting in the educational sector. The homepage provides information about non-governmental orgtanisations and academic programmes.

The Department of Education of the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the Federal Republic of Germany gives short information for German students on the Chinese system of education, on the application for visa for study purposes in China and on scholarships.

The China Scholarship Council (CSC) is a non-profit institution with legal person status affiliated with the Ministry of Education.The objective of the CSC is to provide, in accordance with the law, statutes and relevant principles and policies of China, financial assistance to the Chinese citizens wishing to study abroad and to the foreign citizens wishing to study in China [...]

The Council\'s mission is to help people gain understanding, acquire knowledge and develop skills for living in a globally interdependent and culturally diverse world. Council is one of the largest international education organizations in the world with almost 800 professionals and support staff working in more than 30 countries. This website offers information on travel, [...]

The homepage shows links to full text information about the UGC itself, full text information about fellowships and scholarships, a link list of the universities and full text about the Bangladesh Education and Research Network.

United Kingdom
A directory of more than 2000 independent schools which also offers a school placement service and information on financing and scholarships.

IATEFL´s mission is to link, develop and support English Language Teaching professionals throughout the world. It provides publications, holds an annual conference, offers scholarships and special interest groups and links with associated professional organisations in other countries.

The International Scholarship Section (IS) administers the exchange of students and researchers within the framework of the bilateral cultural agreements and other international programmes. The homepage provides access to information about the current exchange and scholarship programs.

The State Education Loan Fund was set up in 1947. Over the past 50 years the Loan Fund has administered the complex system of loans and grants which are the foundation of student financial aid in Norway. It is a government-run organisation. The site contains information about grants and loans and statistics.

Israel; China; India
"The Council for Higher Education (CHE) was established in accordance with the Council for Higher Education Law 5718-1958, as the State institution in Israel responsible for higher education. The goal was to establish a public, apolitical, independent and professional body to stand between the Government and the institutions of higher education and to deal with all issues [...]

Canada; Canada; Canada
The site provides information on the following topics: Career (Planning, Occupational Information, Career Resources); Learning ( Places to Learn, Apply On-Line, Educational Links, Apprenticeship and Industry Training, Transfer Information, Alberta Education - Ednet, Financial Information); Employment (Looking for Work, Labour Market Information, Self-Employment, Workplace [...]

New Zealand
Growing New Zealand school rolls make teaching here an attractive career. Whether you're a kiwi considering teacher training, an overseas teacher seeking new challenges, or a New Zealand-trained teacher looking for job vacancies, TeachNZ has training, immigration and employment information or schoolarship informations you need to find your way into a kiwi classroom. TeachNZ [...]

Germany; France
The DFJW / OFAJ aims to promote the German-French cultural exchange for young people and students. Conducting this function, it supports young persons, institutions, associations, communes and other organizations on the route to a fruitful partnership. On its website, the Youth Office offers useful information, dossiers and cultural and lingual exchange opportunities including [...]

The Turku Vocational Institute is a vocational teaching centre which is highly valued by its 4500 Finnish and foreign students, its 600 expert instructors, as well as employers in the Turku Area. The institute is one of the largest vocational institutes in Finland, offering a total of 1300 starting places every year. The homepage provides information about vocational [...]

The Canadian Merit Scholarship Foundation CMSF is Canada\'s largest independent scholarship granting organization. It identifies and supports talented graduating high school students who show promise of leadership and a strong commitment to service in the community. These scholars are placed as residents on university campuses are supported by an extensive mentoring/advising [...]

Exhaustive contributions to the Austrian higher educaton system, studying, course guidance, colleges of technology, scholarships, higher education law, and information for international students. Moreover a list with contact information in the university sphere is offered, e.g. for the topics of women´s promotion, international science relations, studying with disabilities, [...]

Australia is the official Australian website for international students who are either already in Australia studying or considering studying in Australia. The Australian Trade Commission (Austrade) manages this website however information on the site is sourced from a range of official government organisations in Australia.

CBIE is the Canadian leader in scholarship administration. It offers partial and complete management of scholarship programs, comprising the following services: scholar selection, institutional placement, in-country and on-arrival orientation workshops, academic and social monitoring, allowance distribution, return travel arrangements, and interim and overall program [...]

Overview of the Portuguese higher education system, public and private universities, post-graduate studies, scholarships and funding, teaching personnel and higher education laws and regulations.

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