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Österreichischer Austauschdienst (OeAD) Externer Link


The activities of the ÖAD embrace general, academic and vocational education with – historically grown – specific focus on academic mobility. ÖAD was established in 1961 by the Austrian Rectors’ Conference with the purpose of supporting foreign students during their stay in Austria. Today the ÖAD is the biggest non-profit-making service agency in the field of international exchange of students and researchers and it fulfils a variety of tasks: Administration and execution of grants / scholarship programmes of the Federal Ministry of Science and Research (BMWF) and of the Austrian Development Cooperation and supporting grant recipients and visiting researchers during their stay in Austria and maintaining contact with them after they return home; Acting as National Agency for the European education and mobility programme LIFELONG LEARNING (LLP); Administration and execution of various third country educational collaboration programmes of the European Union; Execution and administration of the “Aktionen“ “Austria-Slovakia“, “Austria-Czech Republic“ and “Austria-Hungary“; Acting as National CEEPUS Office; Execution and administration of the Scientific and Technological Cooperation (WTZ); Running of the University Preparation Programmes at the university locations Vienna, Graz and Leoben; Marketing activities for Austria as a location of tertiary education; Providing information for foreign students and visiting researchers; Lobbying for the promotion of (academic) mobility; Networking and Co-operation with other international (exchange) organisations.

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Title (English): Austrian Exchange Service (OeAD)
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Release date: 22.02.2005
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