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Joven Club de Computación y Electrónica (JCCE) Link


The Computing and Electronic Youth Clubs (JCCE) are a network of technical centers that were opened on September 8, 1987 in order to provide the Cuban society with a computing culture, prioritizing the children and youngsters acquisition of values within such a process. Their tasks aim at using new technologies for the solution of diverse demands and problems of Cuban society, which plays a stimulating role in the social and cultural life of the Cuban people. The training on topics related to computing, communications, and electronics are the cornerstones of the work of their facilities. The courses with a length of 10 to 120 hours, all of them duly certified, include a wide variety of topics related to the basic elements to work on and operate with computers, design tools, programming, data base management and other things.

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Title (English): Computing and Electronic Youth Clubs
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Keywords from index: computer literacy; teaching of computer science; information technology; information science education; communication; competence; education; labour; youth; child;
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Release date: 06.10.2011
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