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Proyecto de Articulación (PROYART) Link


The "Joint work project of UNGS, ISFD and the middle schools for the improvement of the success in learning" (PROYART) was founded with the intention to ameliorate the quality of learning of the youth on polymodal level in the fields of mathematics and language. It developed a cooperative work model which connects the activities of the three involved institutions to offer better possibilities for students to learn and to facilitate their access to the labour market and to higher education.

Record-ID: 7739
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Title (English): Articulation Project
Resource type: Project/Programme
Keywords from index: mathematics; language acquisition; language skills; language promotion; language skill; language teaching; teaching of mathematics; project; labour market; higher education; cooperation; pupil;
Language: Spanish
Release date: 22.09.2011
Update: 22.09.2011
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