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Unfortunately, the website of the Flemish Association for Teacher Educators (VELOV) is only available in Dutch. The website informs about VELOV and provides teaching material, information on professionalisation initiatives, working groups for different topics, as well as a newsletter and information on the annual VELOV congress. Every three years, this congress is organised [...]

United States
This website of the U.S. department of Education provides the text of the law and additional information and materials to the Parts B and C of the "Individuals with Disabilities Education Act" (IDEA). Part B deals with Children and youth (ages 3-21), Part C with Infants and toddlers (birth-2). The website provides information on the implementation of the law, guidelines and [...]

Kenya; Morocco; India; Argentina
German website about the documentary "On the way to school" ("Sur le chemin de l\'école") by French director Pascal Plisson. The documentary follows children aged 11 to 13 on their way to school in Argentina, Morocco, India and Kenya. Besides the main topic of safety and length of their way to school, the documentary also shows aspects of educational equity and chances, [...]

United States
NAGC is the national association for the gifted and talented in the USA. Its website offers very broad information and resources on the subject (publications, events, teaching and learning material, ...). These are partly sorted by target groups (administrators, educators, parents), partly by subject (Advocacy & Legislation, Gifted By State, Resource Directory, ...). [...]

United States
SENG is one of the most well-known and probably also one of the oldest (starting in 1981) organisations in the USA dealing with giftedness among children and adults. Whereas, according to SENG, other organisations and institutions rather focus on the intellectual needs of gifted people, SENG draws its attention to their social and emotional needs. The website provides [...]

Africa South of the Sahara
TESSA is a pan- Africa (hitherto mainly anglophone countries) project for the creation and dissemination of OER in Africa. TESSA also does research, studies, workshops and more to integrate OER into teaching, to educate teachers in the use of OER etc. The website offers the OER resources as such (in English, French, Arabic, and Swahili), as well as fulltext documents on [...]

Armenia; Belarus; Kazakhstan; Moldova; Russian Federation; Ukraine; Uzebekistan
This website offers Open Educational Resources from the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). The OERs are meant to be "mainly for primary and secondary school teachers and pupils, students of technical and vocational schools and universities, teaching staff and academics." Normally, OERs will be in the language of the providing country. The browsing has a subject filter, [...]

The author Jian Yimin gives a short overview over Chinese OER movement and politics since 2003. When the text was written (2010), Jia Yimin was a lecturer and researcher of educational technology in the Future Education Research Centre at the South China Normal University. [Source: Site editor’s information supplement by editors of Education Worldwide]

international; Latin America; Chile; Europe; Spain; United Kingdom; Brazil; United Kingdom; Netherlands
temoa was a project run by the Center for Innovation in Technology and Education (Innov@TE) at the University Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico. In July 2015, an article was published about the project. The website offers OER-Resources from institutions worldwide, with a focus on resources from Spain, but also other European countries, not so much Latin American countries. You [...]

LRE offers learning resources for schools from different European countries and 53 institutions. You will find audio, video, pictures, texts, glossaries, courses, presentations, exercises and much more. The search can be specified by language, subject, provider and later filtered by max./min. age and resource type. You can also search via tagcloud. Please note that for some [...]

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