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West Africa; Mali; Togo; Burkina Faso; Niger; Sierre Leone; Senegal; Benin; Liberia
The portal PROADIPH ist run by currently 8 West African national organisations for people with disabilities. The portal provides very ample information and documentation (fulltexts) on legislation, research reports, projects, conferences, bibliographies, and much more in the respective countries. You will find written documents as well as audio and video material. [Abstract: [...]

Commonwealth; international
"CENSE is an initiative of the Commonwealth of Learning, ComSec and Comnet-IT to facilitate contact between national learning grids, schools and institutions throughout the Commonwealth. CENSE will host Commonwealth information, provide support to teachers, learners, education administrators, and promote the awareness and practice of local cultures."

international; Europe
The EuRaTIN network encompasses the Brussels based R&D liaison offices of Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. EuRaTIN offers a free service to look for research partners in Europe.

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