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Gender at Education Systems International

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Kenya; Morocco; India; Argentina
German website about the documentary "On the way to school" ("Sur le chemin de l'école") by French director Pascal Plisson. The documentary follows children aged 11 to 13 on their way to school in Argentina, Morocco, India and Kenya. Besides the main topic of safety and length of their way to school, the documentary also shows aspects of educational equity and chances, [...]

Founded in 1964, the Foundation Carlos Chagas (FCC) is one of the best known institutions for educational research, together with INEP. Their "Departamento de Pesquisas Educacionais" was created in 1971, and a Superintendência de Educação e Pesquisa in 2009. Their focus is on evaluation, early childhood education, education policy, gender, human rights, social [...]

international; Ireland
The School of Education was founded in 1909. Amongst others, it has a focus on gender and education. Furthermore, people are working on areas as diverse as the sociology of childhood, psychology, gender & education, the history of education, education & disadvantage, curriculum design & development, children's literature, teachers and teaching, philosophy of education, [...]

KETHI was founded in 1994, supervised and funded by the General Secretariat for Gender Equality of the Ministry of the Interior. Aims of KETHI's activities have a dual focus: to conduct social research on gender equality issues and to improve women's status and enable their advancement. Access to research surveys. Information on projects, conferences and overview of [...]

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