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international; Spain
MOSSA is a Spanish research group for ethnography of educational processes and for applied ethnology in education. This group works under the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona and is part of an ethnological research group called GRAFO. Unfortunately their page provides only few information. See the website of GRAFO for further details like research methods etc. [Abstract: [...]

Published by Tufnell Press (UK), this book series focusses on ethnography and education. 7 issues have been published so far. A focus is on research that deals with the consequences of educational practice and policy, and which questions educational structures, policy and practice and develops new theories for this issues. [Abstract: Editors of Education Worldwide]

Europe; international
This mailinglist of the Network 19 Ethnography ´´promotes discussion concerning issues connected with the use of ethnographic research methods in education. It is a forum to share ideas, generate activity, exchange information and experiences.´´ The Network is part of the European Educational Research Association (EERA).

There is no obvious mention of the link of this mailinglist to the SEEE. The only link that was drawn can be found in the article by the SEEE president, who mentions the mailing list and its origin in Spain. [Abstract: Editors of Education Worldwide]

international; Austria
This web page refers to literature and events of Ethno-Pedagogy which roots in Ethnology and Social and Cultural Anthropology. Among others, terms like ethnography for education or intercultural pedagogy are discussed. [Abstract: Editors of Education Worldwide]

United States; international
A project of the University of Illinois encourages student to use a variety of ethnographic, archival, and related methods to examine the university in the broader context of the social and political context. Among others, the topics include globalization and the university, learning communities, student writing or university and community. [Abstract: Site editor’s [...]

North America; international
One mission of CAE is ´´to advance anti-oppressive, socially equitable, and racially just solutions to educational problems through research´´. Among others, the Council publishes the peer-reviewed journal Anthropology and Education Quarterly. Furthermore it offers a notification list to get in touch with the CAE Executive Board and inform about events. The CAE is a [...]

Europe; international
The Ethnography network aims at focussing on ethnographic educational research. It organizes the Ethnography and Education Conference, publishes the journal Ethnography and Education and a book series. Additionally the network runs an email listserve. [Abstract: Editors of Education Worldwide]

international; Francophone Countries
The research group ´´Les approches qualitatives et ethnographiques de la recherche en sciences de l’éducation´´ (Qualitative and Ethnographic Approaches in Educational Research) is a section of AFIRSE, the International Francophone Association for Scientific Educational Research. Among others, AFIRSE publishes an e-journal, organizes conferences and focuses especially [...]

Portugal; Spain; Germany; France; Belgium; Ireland; Italy; Norway; Switzerland; Australia; Mexico; Morocco; Brazil; Europe; international
SEEE (European Society for Ethnography of Education) is almost non-existent on the web. However, this article by the president of the society outlines the creation, the objectives and held conferences and informs about their Revue de la Société Européenne d\'Ethnographie de l\'Education (REEE). SEEE also uses a mailing list called ETNOEDU. The article appeared in: [...]

North America; international
A section from the newsletter of the American Anthropological Association (AAA). This part especially reports and informs about ethnology (cultural anthropology) and education. [Abstract: Editors of Education Worldwide]

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