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EUA (European University Association) developed this project with the twin objectives of using the experience of joint programmes to find solutions to a range of issues in the European higher education landscape that need to be resolved for the Bologna process to be a success. Joint Masters programmes are increasingly being looked to as innovative instruments to improve [...]

Ausgehend von den Dokumenten des Bologna-Prozesses lenkt der Beitrag den Blick auf die europäische Dimension in Studienprogrammen europäischer Hochschulen. Im Bereich der Erwachsenenbildung hat ein gemeinsamer Studiengang von acht europäischen Universitäten und dem Deutschen Institut für Erwachsenenbildung eine Vorreiterrolle. Der im Rahmen eines Erasmus-Projekts [...]

The main conclusion of the survey is that, although there is still a significant variety with regard to the duration and architecture of degrees in the European Higher Education Area, there is a dominant trend towards Master level degrees that require the equivalent of 300 ECTS credits, although examples of slightly longer and slightly shorter courses can be found. It is [...]

Qualitätssicherung - Standards

Die Publikation dokumentiert das vom Projekt Qualitätsmanagement der Hochschulrektorenkonferenz organisierte Bologna-Seminar. Mehr als 150 Teilnehmer tauschten sich in Berlin mit Vertretern von Hochschulen, Ministerien, Studierenden und Qualitätssicherungsagenturen auf europäischer Ebene aus. Ziel der Veranstaltung war es, den Fortschritt in der Umsetzung europaweit [...]

The report consists of four chapters. After the introductory chapter on context, aims and principles, there follow chapters on standards and guidelines for quality assurance; a peer review system for quality assurance agencies; and future perspectives and challenges. The main results and recommendations of the report are: There will be European standards for internal and [...]


This publication reflects the most recent developments in the domain of quality assurance and accreditation, including new terms, the use of sources published since 2004, and an updated list of quality assurance bodies in Europe, the United States of America and Canada. The consideration and inclusion of documents reflects the on-going new issues related to the Bologna Process [...]


"The Bologna Process in Higher Education in Europe - Key indicators on the social dimension and mobility offers a statistical portrait of participative equity and mobility in the European Higher Education Area. Based on an analysis of 18 selected indicators, this report looks into access, study framework conditions and mobility in higher education as well as the employability [...]


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