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The project aims to bring together creativity and science and mathematics in preschool and first years of primary education (up to the age of eight). It will provide a clear picture of existing and possible practices, as well as their implications and the related opportunities and challenges. Based on this, the project will propose guidelines, curricula and exemplary materials [...]

ELIAS (Early Language and Intercultural Acquisition Studies) is an EU-wide  project  targeting early bilingualism.

The goal of the EASE project is to reinforce educational continuity at the interface between early childhood services and primary school by supporting children and their parents in this transitional process. It promotes active cooperation between parents, children, educators and primary school teachers. On the basis of the didactic concepts of the EC sector and primary school, [...]

The IEA Preprimary Project is a groundbreaking cross-national study of early childhood care and education. The purpose of this longitudinal study was to identify how characteristics of preprimary settings, such as teaching practices and structural features, are related to children`s language and cognitive development at age 7. The project is the first preprimary study [...]

[Bei der hier verlinkten Webseite des Vorhabens handelt es sich um eine Kopie aus dem Internet-Archiv vom 28.01.2007, da die Originalseite nicht mehr zur Verfügung steht.] "A Lobby for Children"“ ist ein transnationales Austauschprojekt, das von der Europäischen Union im Rahmen des Gemeinschaftsprogramms zur Bekämpfung sozialer Ausgrenzung [...]

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