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Canadian and Austrian Integration Policy. The Correlation between Education and Economic Mobility Link

The comparison between the Austrian and Canadian integration policy with a special emphasis on education will indicate both which policy is more efficient and better policy alternatives to enhance immigrant¬ís economic mobility. More precisely, it will suggest that immigrant incorporation is more successful in a country with a multicultural orientation on integration than in a country that applies an exclusionary integration policy. The analysis will start with an examination of the theoretical foundations of this thesis. We will discuss the outcomes and consequences of the two integration concepts ¬ďacculturation¬Ē and ¬ďmulticulturalism¬Ē. In addition to that, we will examine three models of integration policy. Both models and concepts will be related to the case studies, as the thesis will provide an outline of the Austrian and Canadian integration policies. The following chapter will analyze three educational programs for immigrant incorporation in the school systems in Austria and Canada, namely remedial courses in the official language(s), intercultural learning (multicultural education in the case of Canada) and heritage language education. The next chapter will look at the economic mobility of the first and second generation of immigrants in both countries, as measured by education and labor market integration. Finally, the last part of this thesis will provide a comparison of the discussed integration policies, educational programs and economic mobility of people with an immigrant origin. It will determine which integration policy with its related educational programs is more successful in the incorporation of immigrants and verify the hypothesis.

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Migrant, Migration, Integration, Education, Educational policy, Integration policy, Intercultural education, Multiculturalism, Austria, Canada, Acculturation, Mobility,

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