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The political and policy responses to migration-related diversity in the French education system Link

Today, how is this issue constructed and managed within a French society which is more uncertain than ever about its traditional ¬ďintegration model¬Ē? In order to highlight this question, we develop five points in this report. First, we analyse the developments of national policy from the 1960s to the 2000s; these developments reveal the clear illegitimacy of multicultural education within the French republican context today. Second, we show how the question of multicultural education is present (or rather absent) in the contemporary institutional setting of the national education system. Third, we study the way in which multiculturalism and migration-related diversity are treated in the curriculum, with a special attention to the issue of the history of immigration. Fourth, we analyse local educational practices related to diversity. Fifth, we consider the management of Islam and la√Įcit√© at school as this issue has been highly politicised in France since the beginning of the 2000s, especially in relation to what has been referred to as the ¬ďaffair of the Muslim headscarf¬Ē.

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Migrant, Migration, Integration, Student, Muslim, Islam, Education, Educational policy, Integration policy, Intercultural education, Multiculturalism, School, School system, Laicism,

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