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McCaffery, Juliet; Merrifield, Juliet; Millican, Juliet

Developing adult literacy.

Approaches to planning, implementing, and delivering literacy initiatives. 1. publ.

h t t p : / / o x f a m i l i b r a r y . o p e n r e p o s i t o r y . c o m / o x f a m / b i t s t r e a m / 1 0 5 4 6 / 1 1 5 3 6 2 / 5 / b k - d e v e l o p i n g - a d u l t - l i t e r a c y - 0 3 0 9 0 7 - e n . p d fExterner Link

This book is intended to help staff in government or non-government organisations (NGOs) who are charged with developing adult literacy initiatives. There are many things to think about. Programme managers must: identify needs and appropriate ways to offer learning activities in communities; plan for the recruitment and training of adult literacy teachers; develop curriculum and teaching materials; make decisions about how to assess learning and evaluate programmes. None of these plans can be made in isolation, without thinking about all the others. None of the decisions are value-free or merely "technical": all require an understanding of ideas, values, and principles. Chapters 9 to 16 offer support in the process of thinking through the issues, making practical planning decisions, and delivering adult literacy initiatives. (DIPF/Orig.).

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