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Education International (EI-IE)

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Education International is a world-wide trade union organisation of educational personnel, whose 23 million members represent all sectors of education from pre-school to university 248 national trade union and associations in 148 countries and territories. Created in 1993 as a result of a merger of the International Federation of Free Teacher Unions (IFFTU) and the World Confederation of Organisations of the Teaching Profession (WCOTP), Education International aims to: - defend the professional and industrial rights of teachers and education employees; - promote for all peoples in all nations peace, democracy, social justice and equality through the development of education; - seek and maintain recognition of the trade union rights of workers in general and of teachers and education employees in particular, notably via the promotion of international labour standards; - combat all forms of racism and of bias or discrimination in education and society; - give particular attention to developing the leadership role and involvement of women in society, in the teaching profession and in organisations of teachers and education employees. AI has regional centres in Africa, Asia and the Pacific , Europe, Latin America and Noth America.


Brüssel, Bildung, internationale Organisation,

Art der Institution Internationale Einrichtung
Land Belgien
Telefon 0032 (0)2 224 06 11
Telefax 0032 (0)2 224 06 06
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