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Country / region: Francophone Countries

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France; Francophone Countries; international
The research chair "Disability, Education and Digital Technologyl" is a project by the "research group on Disability, Accessibility, Educational and School Practices" (Grhapes). Grhapes, for its part, is the research unit of the French "National Institute for Training and Research for the Education of Young People with Disabilities and for Appropriate Teaching"(INSHEA). The [...]

France; Francophone Countries; international
The "Observatory for Adapted Digital Resources" (Orna) was created in November 2007 by the Digital Education Department of the French Ministry of National Education. The "National Institute for Training and Research for the Education of Young People with Disabilities and for Appropriate Teaching" (INSHEA) is in charge of Orna. Orna\'s task is to identify, analyse and evaluate [...]

international; Francophone Countries
The research group ´´Les approches qualitatives et ethnographiques de la recherche en sciences de l’éducation´´ (Qualitative and Ethnographic Approaches in Educational Research) is a section of AFIRSE, the International Francophone Association for Scientific Educational Research. Among others, AFIRSE publishes an e-journal, organizes conferences and focuses especially [...]

Francophone Countries; France
In this article of 2009, the blog author Jean-Marie Gilliot gives a short overview over francophone information and projects in terms of OER. Gilliot is a researcher at Telecom Bretagne, a Grande École (specialised university) and research centre for engineering. [Source: Editors of Education Worldwide]

France; Francophone Countries
The RESF is a network which is composed of collectives, association movements, union movements, political support and of persons which are fighting against the estrangement of foreign children whose parents are estranged because they have no residence permit. The network has a strong internet presence; information about the different regions of France, about the RESF and [...]

France; Francophone Countries
The network of French-speaking digital national libraries (Réseau francophone numériques) provides this document listing national libraries all over the world.

Francophone Countries
The platform provides information regarding distance learning, including references, conference announcements, for francophone users all over the world.

Francophone Countries; international; France
The homepage of this association of francophone comparative educational researchers provides information on the organisation (members, organizational structure), activities (congresses, publications) and more (information material, yearbook, news). Until 2011, the AFEC website could be found under . [Abstract: Editors of Education Worldwide]

international; Francophone Countries
Due to its presence on nearly every continent, AUF (Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie) is considered as a worldwide network of higher education and research institutions in the French-speaking countries. Piloted by its head office in Montréal (Canada) and supported by the central service office in Paris (France), this university association is operating under several [...]

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