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Linkbibliothek - Nützliche Links für die Schule / Länkskafferiet - Bra länkar for skolan Link


Länkskafferiet (the Swedish Link Library) is a referatory for educational use and is meant to be a pedagogical aid for Swedish pupils, between 5 and 18 years of age, in their search for useful information on the Internet.
Teachers and librarians can use the service to guide the pupils in their search and find good resources for lesson planning.
Länkskafferiet consists of subject structured and quality-assessed Internet information resources. All the web sites are classified and arranged in 12 main themes and 20 curriculum subjects. The classification is based upon the traditional Swedish classification system for public and school libraries.

Record-ID: 4028
URL (original):
Title (English): The Swedish Link Library
URL (English):
Resource type: Catalogue
Keywords from index: link list; database; educational media; educational materials; learning aids; school level of education; primary education; secondary education;
Free keywords: Information;
Language: Swedish; English
Source / author of the website: Umeå universitet <br> Institutionen för illämpadutbildningsvetenskap/ IML
Country of origin of the resource: Sweden;
Release date: 28.11.2002
Update: 11.04.2014
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