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Ariadne Pfad:


China - Artificial intelligence as a state goal: Nothing goes unnoticed - even at school (DLF 11.02.19) [courtesy translation] Link

In this 20-minute background contribution of the German radio Deutschlandfunk you can find a detailed section on the subject of AI and school in China (text and audio). Available only in German. By Axel Dorloff for Deutschlandfunk, 11.02.19. "In China, AI technologies are also becoming increasingly popular in everyday life: schools, for example, are trying to reinvent themselves with the use of artificial intelligence - for example, the high school number eleven is located in Hangzhou, a metropolis in southern China, about 1,300 kilometers from Beijing. No money, no food stamps, no canteen ticket: when 16-year-old Meng Jinyang goes to school lunch, (...). "
Release date: 13.02.2019
Update: 13.02.2019

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