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  • A Global Ethic Now!

    Learning Platform of the Gobal Ethic Foundation (Stiftung Weltethos Tübingen 2009-12)

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  • Water: Teaching About the World’s Most Valuable Substance

    This interdisciplinary New York Times lesson explores some of the ways in which humanity is learning to cope with shortages or threats to this vital element of life.

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  • Creating and Comparing Population Growth Projections

    Using data to develop population projections and comparingthem with those from the United States Census Bureau and the United Nations, as well as considering the implications of global population growth (New York Times Lesson 2011)

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  • Italian Renaissance Learning Resources

    Eight units that elucidate the textures, themes, and context of Italian Renaissance artists (National Gallery of Art, Washington 2016)

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  • Open Learning Initiative: Anatomy & Physiology

    This site from Carnegie Mellon University’s Open Learning Initiative opens up new ways of looking at anatomy and physiology for lay people. This particular course focuses on several themes including the structure and function of the body, the levels of organization within the body, and homeostasis. There are fifteen units within this course and visitors can create a free ...

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  • State’s Secrets: Teaching About WikiLeaks

    Hilfreiche Unterrichtsvorschläge, die gut als aktuelle Fallstudie zum Thema ”Internationale Politik” und ”Politik und Medien” passen (Learning Network der The New York Times 2010).

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  • Trading Off: Examining Effects of NAFTA

    Students explore how the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) has impacted the people and economies of North America and Mexico (The New York Times Learning Network 2002).

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  • Teaching About Climate Change With The New York Times

    Seven starting points for teaching and learning about the topic, along with a list of links to much more, from Learning Network lesson plans to Times video, graphics, articles and photographs (2014).

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  • Election 2016

    List of election-related teaching resources and lesson plans (New York Times 2016)

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  • Telling Stories of Human History Through Objects

    Ways to use an idea? of the British Museum: “History of the World in 100 Objects” ?(New York Times Learning 2011)

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