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  • Audio lingua

    A collaborative bank of authentic audio resources, recorded by native speakers, for a freely pedagogical or personal use, according to the rights of use which are detailed in the legal notice.

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  • Historical Voices

    A substantial portion of our cultural heritage from the 20th century is recorded in enormous collections of spoken-word materials.

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  • Listening Comprehension Activities

    Sehr empfehlenswerte, weil umfangreiche Liste mit Audiomaterial und Pre-Listening - Listening - Post Listening Exercises.

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  • British Council

    In this section you will find a wide range of classroom activities sent in by contributors around the world.

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  • Train your ear

    Online listening comprehension exercises and worksheets

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  • Englishpodcast

    Unglaublich viele englische Hörtexte zu den unterschiedlichsten Themen

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  • Talk about English

    Downloadable webcasts und scripts. Our regular weekly ’Talk about English’ webcast will return in February 2007 with new features! In the meantime we’ve had a lot of requests for an archive of downloadable programmes. Here is list of programmes and scripts from 2006 which you can download and keep.

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  • BBC Watch and Listen

    In this part of the BBC site you can improve and practise your English with activities that involve listening and watching. Each of the sections below has something to listen to, some have video as well and there are lots of exercises to test your comprehension.

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  • Great speeches and topics in history

    Berühmte Reden von Kennedy, Martin Luther King...

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  • Breaking news

    ESL / EFL Lesson Plan on Pink Toys - by Sean Banville

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