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Country / region: Uganda

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Africa South of the Sahara; Ghana; Kenya; Uganda; Zambia
ESSA describes itself as "charity using evidence to improve education in sub-Saharan Africa". This is done primarily through evidence-based research. Focus countries in the period 2021-2026 are Ghana, Kenya, Uganda and Zambia. Priority topics are access to education, quality of education, transition from school to work, the promotion of African researchers and women in [...]

Africa; Sierre Leone; Uganda; Malawi; Ethiopia
A-PODD was a three year research project (2009-2011) run by the Centre for Global Health at Trinity College Dublin in cooperation with two institutions in South Africa. The website provides the four project reports for the countries analysed (Sierra Leone, Uganda, Malawi, Ethiopia). "[The] research investigated the need for disability to be included on the agenda of national [...]

Africa South of the Sahara; South Africa, Republic; East Africa; Ghana; Senegal; Kenya; Nigeria; Rwanda; Sudan; Tanzania; Uganda; Zambia
This website provides ample information on PER projects on Africa (esp. South Africa, Ghana, Senegal, Kenia, East Africa). There is a focus on OER in agricultre, health and teacher training. Furthermore, you will find information on licencing and policy issues and developments, on events and other news on OER. [Abstract: Editors of Education Worldwide]

Africa; Algeria; Angola; Benin; Botswana; Burkina Faso; Burundi; Cameroon; Cape Verde; Central African Republic; Chad; Comoros; Congo; Congo, Democratic Republic of; Djibouti; Egypt; Equatorial Guinea; Eritrea; Ethiopia; Gabon; Gambia; Ghana; Guinea; Guinea-Bissau; Kenya; Lesotho; Liberia; Libya; Madagascar; Malawi; Mali; Mauritania; Mauritius; Morocco; Mozambique; Namibia; Niger; Nigeria; Rwanda; Sao Tome and Principe; Senegal; Seychelles; Sierre Leone; Somalia; South Africa, Republic; Sudan; Swaziland; Eswatini; Tanzania; Togo; Tunisia; Uganda; Western Sahara; Zambia; Zimbabwe
The site offers short, informative articles for most countries on earth that serve to give a first overview of the country. Specific topics are discussed in further contributions. The site makes no claim to completeness, may in some cases, however, be quite helpful.

Uganda; Rwanda; Kenya
The Mission Work Good News (MFB e.V.) in Großalmerode is a Christian-humanitarian aid organization which works in Eastern Africa since 1962. It focusses on child- and partnership programss, the fostering of school education, women\'s self-help projects, educational endowment and old people\'s welfare. For 25 years, child partnerships are successfully conciliated in Uganda, [...]

Uganda; Kenya; Congo; Bangladesh; Cambodia; Thailand; Philippines
CO-OPERAID is a non-profit, politically and confessionally independent humanitarian Swiss association with its headquarters in Zurich. The association was founded in 1981. CO-OPERAID is active in the field of education and professional education. Its projects help impoverished children and young people in a current total of seven countries in Africa and Asia: Uganda, Kenya, [...]

East Africa; Burundi; Kenya; Rwanda; Tanzania; Uganda
The Inter-University Council for East Africa (IUCEA) is a regional inter-governmental organization established in 1980 by the three East African Partner States (Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda) with the aim of facilitating contact between the universities of East Africa, providing a forum for discussion on a wide range of academic and other matters relating to higher education, [...]

The National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) is a statutory agency, a supervisor for quality and relevant higher education established under the "Universities and Other Tertiary Institutions Act, 2001" to regulate higher education and to guide the country in the establishment of institutions of higher learning as well as ensure that quality and relevant education is [...]

The website contains a ranking of the Ugandan universities from 2011. The single links give access to the homepages of the universities.

Education Uganda is a registered charity based in Hampshire and formed in 2006. Its trustees are mainly experienced educationalists whose main aim is to improve primary education in Uganda by the use of individual blackboards, known in Uganda as slates, following techniques used successfully and now fully embedded in English primary schools using individual whiteboards.

Uganda; United States
The U.S. Educational Advising Center in Kampala provides comprehensive information on educational opportunities in the United States. The services and resources available are: information on over 3,500 accredited institutions of higher education in the U.S, test registration and practice tests for TOEFL, SAT, GRE, GMAT, LSAT and MCAT, Computer workstations for Internet [...]

The Uganda Digital Education Resource Bank (UDERB) consists of educational resources which can be used by teachers and students to support and enhance the teaching and learning process in Uganda secondary schools. Currently (April 2011), the site is still partly under construction; more educational content will be added.

The mission of the Uganda Education Project is to provide funds, materials, and human assistance for the education, care and maintenance of the orphans and vulnerable children of Uganda. In furtherance of this mission, the UEP as a charitable organization will maintain the lowest possible administrative costs ensuring that all goods, funds and services are delivered optimally [...]

The Education Department equips the people with knowledge, attitude, values, and skills for Christian living. Its goal is to empower the Church for the provision of holistic education services. The Education Department oversees 55 Pre-primary Schools, 4,904 church-founded Primary Schools, 460 Secondary Schools, 50 post-Primary schools, including Vocational Training Schools, [...]

SchoolNet Uganda was started 1997 as a program jointly supported by World Links for Development (WorLD), currently World Links Organization (, World Bank Institute – ICT for Education Program and Ministry of Education and Sports Uganda. SchoolNet Uganda is an iEARN (International Education and Research Network) centre. As an iEARN centre, [...]

Somero empowers young people in Uganda through education. Due to the inequality of the sexes, the focus of Somero is on the support of girls and young women. Somero awards educational scholarships to young Ugandans who pursue their dream of education with high motivation, but cannot realize it because of a lack of money or family support. By obtaining the comprehensive [...]

The Business, Technical, Vocational Education and Training Department (BTVET) Portal establishes an entry point for Uganda’s vocational training system and operates as a directory of individuals and organisations participating in or with an interest in the training of persons for jobs. Furthermore, the portal provides a means of disseminating cross cutting information [...]

Uganda; Germany
The association Tukolere Wamu incorporated society is active in Uganda as well as in Germany. In Uganda, it plans, supports and realizes projects which serve the help for self-help, the promotion of education and upbringing, the formation, further education and continuing education, the improvement of the live situation for certain socially weak groups, the promotion [...]

The Uganda Association of Private Vocational Institutions (UGAPRIVI) is an umbrella organization for Private Training Institutions formed to improve the quality and the image of private vocational institutions, and to strengthen this educational sector as a whole. Its main aim is to foster collaboration between private training institutions throughout the country and to [...]

Botswana; Kenya; Lesotho; Malawi; Mauritius; Mozambique; Namibia; Seychelles; South Africa, Republic; Swaziland; Eswatini; Tanzania; Uganda; Zambia; Zimbabwe; Southern Africa; East Africa; Angola
The Southern and Eastern Africa Consortium for Monitoring Educational Quality (SACMEQ) consists of 16 Ministries of Education in Southern and Eastern Africa: Angola,Botswana, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Seychelles, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania (incl. Zanzibar), Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. SACMEQ´s mission is to undertake integrated research [...]

Yemen; Sudan; Suriname; Zambia; Swaziland; Eswatini; Zimbabwe; Sweden; Switzerland; Syria; Taiwan; Tajikistan; Tanzania; Thailand; Togo; Tonga; Trinidad and Tobago; Saint Kitts and Nevis; Saint Lucia; Saint Vincent and the Grenadines; Samoa; San Marino; Sao Tome and Principe; Tunisia; Saudi Arabia; Turkey; Senegal; Turkmenistan; Turks and Caicos Islands; Tuvalu; Serbia; Seychelles; Uganda; Sierre Leone; Ukraine; Singapore; United Arab Emirates; Slovak Republic; United Kingdom; Slovenia; Solomon Islands; United States; Somalia; Uruguay; Virgin Islands of the United States; South Africa, Republic; Uzebekistan; Vanuatu; Vatican City; Republic of Korea; Venezuela; Spain; Vietnam; Western Sahara; Sri Lanka; Caribbean
The site of the US American Directory of State Universities offers an online encyclopedia on education. The chapter "Global Education References" delivers statistical data and texts on education systems in different countries.

Equatorial Guinea; Angola; Benin; Burkina Faso; Burundi; Ethiopia; Eritrea; Gabon; Ghana; Guinea-Bissau; Guinea; Equatorial Guinea; Kenya; Comoros; Madagascar; Mali; Mauritania; Mozambique; Niger; Togo; Chad; Central African Republic; Uganda; Seychelles; Sao Tome and Principe; South Africa, Republic; Congo; Senegal
The French website France diplomatie is a website of the ministry of foreign affairs which offers a useful listage of 28 African countries. On following the links, one will find descriptions concerning the organisation of the higher education system of each of those countries. Furthermore you will get a detailed overview of the state-aided institutions as well as the [...]

Africa; international; Algeria; Angola; Botswana; Cameroon; Egypt; Ethiopia; Ghana; Kenya; Liberia; Morocco; Mozambique; Namibia; Nigeria; Somalia; South Africa, Republic; Sudan; Tanzania; Uganda; Zambia; Mauritius
This web site is a resource of the Center for Global Education. The site provides web links to colleges and universities in Africa. Along with links to the home language home pages, the site also provides direct links to an English Language Home Page and the Website of the International Relations Office. Through connection to resources like the International Association of [...]

South Africa, Republic; Morocco; Tunisia; Uganda; Kenya
This page provides information on the eco-school movement in South Africa. Currently more than 11,000 schools in 34 countries (31 of these are European) are participating in the International Eco-Schools Programme promoted by the Foundation for Environmental Education ( F.E.E.) with support of the European Commission. Eco-Schools complete the Seven Steps of the programme [...]

international; Afghanistan; Albania; Algeria; Andorra; Angola; Antigua and Barbuda; Argentina; Armenia; Australia; Azerbaijan; Bahamas; Bahrain; Bangladesh; Barbados; Belarus; Belgium; Belize; Benin; Bhutan; Bolivia; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Botswana; Brazil; Brunei Darussalam; Bulgaria; Burkina Faso; Burundi; Cambodia; Cameroon; Canada; Cape Verde; Central African Republic; Chad; Chile; China; Colombia; Comoros; Congo; Congo, Democratic Republic of; Costa Rica; Ivory Coast; Croatia; Cuba; Cyprus; Czech Republic; Denmark; Djibouti; Dominica; Dominican Republic; Ecuador; Egypt; El Salvador; Equatorial Guinea; Eritrea; Estonia; Ethiopia; Fiji; Finland; France; Gabon; Gambia; Georgia; Germany; Ghana; Greece; Grenada; Guatemala; Guinea; Guinea-Bissau; Guyana; Haiti; Honduras; Hong Kong; Hungary; Iceland; India; Indonesia; Iran; Iraq; Ireland; Israel; Italy; Jamaica; Japan; Jordan; Kazakhstan; Kenya; Kiribati; Korea, Democratic Peoples Republic; Republic of Korea; Kuwait; Kyrgyzstan; Laos; Latvia; Lebanon; Lesotho; Liberia; Libya; Liechtenstein; Lithuania; Luxemburg; Macedonia, The former Yugoslav Republic; Madagascar; Malawi; Malaysia; Maldives; Mali; Malta; Marshall Islands; Mauritania; Mauritius; Mexico; Mexico; Micronesia; Moldova; Monaco; Mongolia; Morocco; Mozambique; Montenegro; Myanmar; Namibia; Nauru; Nepal; Netherlands; New Zealand; Nicaragua; Niger; Nigeria; Norway; Palestinian Autonomous Areas; Oman; Pakistan; Palau; Panama; Papua New Guinea; Paraguay; Peru; Philippines; Poland; Portugal; Qatar; Romania; Russian Federation; Rwanda; Saint Kitts and Nevis; Saint Lucia; Saint Vincent and the Grenadines; Samoa; San Marino; Sao Tome and Principe; Saudi Arabia; Senegal; Serbia; Seychelles; Sierre Leone; Singapore; Slovak Republic; Slovenia; Solomon Islands; Somalia; South Africa, Republic; Spain; Sri Lanka; Sudan; Suriname; Swaziland; Eswatini; Sweden; Switzerland; Syria; Tajikistan; Tanzania; Thailand; Timor-Leste; Togo; Tonga; Trinidad and Tobago; Tunisia; Turkey; Turkmenistan; Tuvalu; Uganda; Ukraine; United Arab Emirates; United Kingdom; United States; Uruguay; Uzebekistan; Vanuatu; Venezuela; Vietnam; Yemen; Zambia; Zimbabwe
This page provides a country list with fact sheets on the Human Development Index (HDI). The index focuses on three measurable dimensions of human development: health, education and standard of living. The fact sheets are enriched by statistical comparable data on life expectancy, school enrolment, literacy, illiteracy rate, income and promotion of women and thereby allows a [...]

The case study concentrates particularly on Makerere University and contains the following chapters: 1. Introduction; 2. Historical background; 3. Problems of Makerere University in the context of political climate (1970-1990); 4. Change and recovery through institutional reform; 5. Challenges and unfinished business: 6. Recommendations; 7. Conclusion.

This website of the East African state provides information on the educational aims and the mission of education. Besides essential documents and news are available. The link "Strategic objectives" shows that access, equal opportunity and the provision of quality education play a central role in the implementation of educational policy in Uganda.

Unesco/INISTE have prepared a regional page for "African States", also introducing the National Curriculum Development Centre (NCDC) in Uganda. This institution is occupied with curriculum development and in-service teacher education at national level. In a tabular form brief information is provided about the scope of work, the educational levels and areas covered and the [...]

This web-site shows primary and secondary school enrolment rates and teacher numbers between 2001 and 2009.

Africa South of the Sahara; Africa; international; Angola; Equatorial Guinea; Ethiopia; Benin; Botswana; Burkina Faso; Burundi; Djibouti; Ivory Coast; Eritrea; Gabon; Gambia; Ghana; Guinea; Guinea-Bissau; Cameroon; Cape Verde; Kenya; Comoros; Congo, Democratic Republic of; Congo; Lesotho; Liberia; Madagascar; Malawi; Mali; Mauritania; Mauritius; Mozambique; Namibia; Niger; Nigeria; Rwanda; Zambia; Sao Tome and Principe; Senegal; Seychelles; Sierre Leone; Zimbabwe; Somalia; South Africa, Republic; Sudan; Swaziland; Eswatini; Tanzania; Togo; Chad; Uganda; Central African Republic
Country information for applicants for a study abroad in an African country (Sub-Sahara region). In order to view them one has to select the respective country. There is an address of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) , country information of the German Foreign Office, information about the education system and higher education, a specific link list, information [...]

The patrimonial information portal (Landeskundiches Informationsportal/ LIP) on Uganda is one out of more than 30 profiles provided by the preparatory institution for development co-operation (V-EZ) of the InWEnt together with four partner institutions. Structured texts have been elaborated as an information source for experts who prepare themselves for an assignment to work [...]

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