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Nasjonalt senter for kunst og kultur i opplæringen (KKS) - Norwegisches Zentrum für Kunst und kulturelle Bildung Link


The Norwegian Centre for Arts and Culture in Education is a resource centre helping strengthen work in art and culture subjects in primary and secondary education. It was established by The Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research in 2007. Its main tasks are the development of related activity to the national framework and teaching plan, support to the implementation and public relations. The centre develops and spreads supportive and advisory material and results from research conducted in the field of the promotion of arts and culture. In addition, the centre assists the university and university college sector in its competence development. Their target group are teacher educators, teachers, leaders and staff in kindergartens and schools, kindergarten and school owners and Educational and Psychological Counselling Service.

Record-ID: 8905
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Title (English): Nasjonalt senter for kunst og kultur i opplæringen (KKS) - The Norwegian Centre for Arts and Culture in Education
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Resource type: Institution/Organisation/Association
Keywords from index: competence; communication; art education; cultural education; promotional measure; pedagogics; project; organization; education;
Free keywords: Norwegen; Kulturelle Zusammenarbeit; Förderung; Kunstförderung; Bildungsagenda; Unterricht;
Language: Norwegian; English
Country of origin of the resource: Norway;
Release date: 04.09.2019
Update: 04.09.2019
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