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Hospital Organisation of Pedagogues in Europe (HOPE)

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Hospital Organisation of Pedagogues in Europe (HOPE) is an association of European hospital teachers who work in Hospital and at home with sick children. The association has the following objectives: To establish the right for hospitalized children to education according to their individual needs in a suitable environment; to work towards the implementation of the European Charter for the rights of the hospitalized children (Leyden – l3th May 1988); to promote the development of teaching in hospitals and encourage liaison with other professionals, particularly those working in hospitals; to represent and communicate the views and professional interests of teachers in hospitals; to determine and enhance the hospital teacher’s professional qualifications; to promote and encourage research in all aspects of hospital teaching and publicize examples of good practice; to disseminate information through regular newsletters, thus making all European colleagues aware of the work, meetings and study days of the association and its members.

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