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Sociedad Argentina de Educación Matemática (SOAREM) Link


The Argentinian Society of Education in Mathematics (SOAREM) was founded in 1998. Its objective is the promotion of the pedagocical and professional level of teachers and all who are interested in the fields of education in mathematics. Therefore, SOAREM gives impulses for the development of education research related to mathemtatics, it analyses the networking of mathematical science with other fields, organises and maintains documentation services, data bases and libraries which are open for members and all who are interested, it makes legislative proposals and counsels private as well as public organisms in regard to an improvement of teaching and learning of mathematics on all levels. In addition, SOAREM maintains contacts to other associations of mathematic education and other disciplines as well as an exchange of knowledge and it publishes bulletins, journals, monographies etc.

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Title (English): Argentinian Society of Education in Mathematics
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Keywords from index: mathematics; education; educational research; exchange; network; science; teaching-learning research; teacher; teacher training; teacher exchange; teacher education;
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Release date: 26.09.2011
Update: 27.09.2011
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