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Education Systems International

Ministerio de Educación (MINED)

http://www.mined.gob.niExterner Link


The tasks of the Nicaraguan Ministry of Education are to advance the development of the Nicaraguans through further training and formation on different levels and with different education programs, to increase the participation of civil society in administration, together with the local government, directors and teachers, to strengthen the autodevelopment of the educational institutions to cover a greatest possible geographical realm with educational institutions and thus answer to the needs of the population, and the constant improvement of educational quality and of the development of social, democratical values in the course of a peaceful, efficient and sustainable future.

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Title (English): Ministry of Education
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Keywords from index: ministry of education; management in education; educational planning; educational policy; quality of education; educational standard; education system; educational administration; institution; society;
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Release date: 30.08.2011
Update: 30.08.2011
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