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Education Systems International

Corporación Disfasia en Chile: Yo puedo comunicarme (YPC)

http://www.disfasiaenchile.clExterner Link


The objective of the Dysphasia Corporation of Chile: Yo puedo comunicar (YPC) is to support children and youth so that they can have an efficient education and that they can include themselves in society.

Record-ID: 7566
URL (original):
Title (English): Dysphasia Corporation of Chile: I can communicate
Resource type: Institution/Organisation/Association
Keywords from index: speech impairment; language acquisition; language skills; language promotion; language skill; language teaching; promotion of disadvantaged persons; disabilities; disabled person; assistance for the handicapped; disadvantaged youth; deprived child; education; social discrimination; social services; social integration; educational welfare; institution;
Language: Spanish
Release date: 21.06.2011
Update: 21.06.2011
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