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Education Systems International

Institute of Education University of London: Thomas Coram Research Unit (TCRU) Link

United Kingdom

TCRU is a multidisciplinary research unit within the Institute of Education at the University of London. The Unit was founded in 1973 by Professor Jack Tizard and focusses on four streams of research: 1) Health and well-being of children, young people, and families; 2) Research on parenting and family support; 3.) Studies of children's services and environments; 4.) Studies of work and family life. The following journals are edited from within the Thomas Coram Research Unit: Culture, Health and Sexuality, a journal for research, intervention and care; International Journal of Social Research Methodology, theory and practice; Children in Scotland - a collaboration between a network of national magazines from eight European countries; Children in Europe magazine, to enable the exchange of ideas, practice and information, focusing in particular on young children.

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