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the The Austrian analogue to the German Federal Agency for Employment is the "Labour market service" (AMS) and the "Vocational information system", a service company under public law outsourced 1994 from the Ministry of economics. In the AMS Vocational information system there are, divided into 24 vocational fields, ca. 600 descriptions of occupations, links from these descriptions to similar occupations, up to 10,000 designations ( synonyms, vocational specializations and subgroups), each leading to the corresponding description, details of training, income, qualifications and the like. According to personal preferences and to the specific questions it can be chosen between freetext and list selection, between simple and expert search. Furthermore there are references to continuative AMS-publications and links to the "AMS-Berufslexika" (encyclopedia of occupations).

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Release date: 24.03.2005
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