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Education Systems International

Jährliche Umfrage zu Tendenzen der Grundbildung: Umfrage von 2004 / Annual Survey of Trends in Primary Education: Survey of 2004 Link

United Kingdom

This web site is part of the National Foundation for Education Research surveys and summarises the results of the 2004 annual survey of primary education. Head teachers were questioned on trends in education, focussing on aspects of school administration and budgeting. For the first time, curriculum issues were addressed in the survey. The head teachers expressed their wish for more creativity, flexibility and cross-curricular work as most desirable. The full report as well as previous surveys are available as downloads.

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Keywords from index: educational research; educational policy; educational standard; primary education; curriculum; teacher; education report; governmental body; overview; statistical data; full text information;
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Source / author of the website: The National Foundation for Educational Research in England and Wales
Country of origin of the resource: United Kingdom;
Release date: 24.03.2005
Update: 16.06.2014
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