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RelatEd - good practices for learning to live together Link


RelatED is a databank of good practices in education for learning to live together. It provides a service for the dissemination of concise information on promising initiatives in learning to live together, primarily in school settings. The databank is structured to provide data on key elements of such initiatives including their background, principal objectives and activities, and impact on the target population. The broad concept includes education in a range of areas such as conflict resolution, human rights, citizenship and international and intercultural understanding. The website gives access to links of respective organizations, publications and advice how to search.

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Keywords from index: database; link list; bibliographical data; education for peace; politics; international cooperation; intercultural education; political education;
Free keywords: Menschenrechte;
Language: English
Release date: 06.10.2003
Update: 02.07.2009
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