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Education Systems International

Indicadores en el Systema Educativo Costarricense Link

Costa Rica

In the category `Indicadores`, this web site provides statistical data of the following areas: initial student numbers, enrolment rates, success at school, dropouts and class repetition, number of educational institutions and of personnel. In addition, the category `Boletines` offers bulletins which deal with diverse educational concerns. Furthermore, there is the category `Cifras` which contains statistical data about school enrolment, the repetition of school years as well as about education institutes. The category `Glosario` offers a presentation of the processes of the data collection.

Record-ID: 4769
URL (original):
Title (English): Indicators of the Costarican Education System
Resource type: Catalogue
Keywords from index: education statistics; number of pupils; educational attainment; personnel; school success; statistical data; link list;
Language: Spanish
Release date: 18.08.2003
Update: 29.11.2011
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