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The European Area for lifelong Learning

Realising the objective of ´Lifelong Learning´ for all lies at the heart of the Lisbon Strategy, aiming to create a sphere of well-being in Europe in the 21st century, where citizens can live and work under good conditions. All individuals should be granted equal and open access to high quality learning opportunities. Such opportunities should be provided in diverse forms, in order to meet demands from different situations in life, diverse needs and aptitudes.

Considerable progress has been made ever since the 1996 European Year of Lifelong Learning. The European Union has set out to becoming the most competitive and dynamic knowledge-based economic area in the world by 2010. Realising lifelong learning for all EU citizens is one of the key priorities for attaining this goal, and it is a guiding principle of vocational and general education at the European level.

This collection provides you with access to full texts addressing diverse aspects of lifelong learning, starting with definitions of terminology, and ranging to country examples.

Reports from international institutions / organizations

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