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Norway- Early childhood care and education

Ministry, institutions

Information on the ministry's activities, publications (reports-HTML- format, brochures) and legislations. The Ministry has the overall responsibility for children welfare services, family affairs, childhood development, religious and life stance affairs and consumer affairs.

NOSEB is an interdisciplinary research institute of the NTNU Trondheim, and the research foundation Allforsk. It is supported by the research council of Norway through a strategic university programme. It is NOSEB's purpose to initiate and carry out research on the life worlds of children and childhood, also in an international context. [...]

Acts and regulations in Norway concerning families and children.

National framework plan

Current Norwegian framework plan for the content and tasks of kindergartens. Summary of the framework contents and access to the corresponding Norwegian laws (HTML format).


Different reports on Early Childhood Education and Care in Norway since 1998.

Statistical data

Statistics on early childhood education and care in Norway, provided by the National Statistical Institute of Norway.

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