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Welcome to Education Worldwide!
This site provides you with information on education and educational research in an international context. Our webdossiers are compiled using country or subject specific Internet resources.

All you need to know about refugee education worldwide

Wortlaut des Zitats auf Deutsch: 'Nur jedes zweite Flüchtlingskind geht in die Grundschule, jedes vierte in die Sekundarstufe. Dies ist eine Tragödie. Bildung ist das wichtigste, was ein Flüchtlingskind über Grenzen hinweg mitnehmen kann, und es ist ihre größte Hoffnung auf eine bessere Zukunft.'
Quote by AntĂłnio Guterres, UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Source
Copyright: N. Cohen, CC0

The World Refugee Day is celebrated annually on June 20th. On this occasion, we remind you of our webdossier on "Refugee Education in an International Perspective". It provides informationon:

  • International Refugee Aid and Policy
  • the Educational Situtation of Refugees Worldwide
  • Research on Refugees and Forced Migration

Students hold a banner saying:
Pupils, students and lecturers during a protest march against the reform of the higher education sector 2017/18, especially the new rules comcerning the allocation of study places. The banner says: "I got my university-entrance diploma, I chose my university. # No to selection" (01.02.18)
New Dossier: 50 Years after May '68 - Higher Education Reform & Student Protests in France 2017/18
With the law on ""Ori­en­ta­ti­on et réus­si­te des étu­di­ants" (orientation and academic success) a higher education reform was initiated in France in 2017/18. One of its key aspects was the reform of the system of allocation of study places / universities ("clearing"). Almost exactly 50 years after May '68, this has given rise to considerable student protests during spring 2018. In our webdossier, we provide a small overview of the reform and the debate it has stirred up. You will find official documents and information, scientific analyses, media reports and statements by stakeholders concerned by the reform.

Country Dossiers

You can find webdossiers and further information sorted by country. Continents and regions can also be found in the alphabetical list (for example, find “Europe” under E). You can click on continents on the interactive world map. A list of countries belonging to this continent will appear.