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Education in Palestine

Small Palestinian flags in front of a window in Gaza city.
Palestinian flags in front of a window in Gaza city.

Palestine`s education system is still very young. The Palestinian National Authority has been in charge of the education system only since the beginning of the 1990s, as a result of the Oslo Accords. In 1994, a Palestinian Ministry of Education was established. A further important player in the Palestinian education system is the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) which also runs many educational establishments for Palestinian refugees outside the Occupied Palestinian Territories.
In spite of their difficult condition, education seems to play a major role for ...


If you want to know more about the Palestinian education system, have a look at our webdossier. It provides information on the following subjects:

General Information on Education

Die World Data on Education werden seit 1996 veröffentlicht. Die Ausgabe 2010/2010 ist die 7. Veröffentlichung. Die Berichte speisen sich aus den Nationalberichten der jeweiligen Länder sowieso zusätzlichen Quellen. [Zusammenfassung: Redaktion Bildung Weltweit].;;;"First published as a CD-ROM in 1996, the... World Data on Education has regularly been improved and expanded [...]

Palestinian Autonomous Areas The country dossiers, compiled by the International Bureau of Education of the Unesco (IBE), provide information on statistics (from the World Data on Education - WDE), national education reports, education plans and policies, a bibliography (partly with fulltexts) and links to other sources. [Abstract: Editors of Education Worldwide]

Palestinian Autonomous Areas; Germany The website of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) provides ample information on academic exchange and cooperation with Palestine: information on scholarships (for Germans who want to go to Palestine and Palestinians who want to get to Germany), on project aids and cooperation in higher education, background information on the [...]

Palestinian Autonomous Areas English Wikipedia article about education in the Palestinian territories. The article is very ample, but obviously has some issues concerning its sources. You will find the following chapters:
1 Education System
2 Education Management
3 Education Finance
4 Education Policy
5 Pre-Primary [...]

Palestinian Autonomous Areas The website LIPortal (Country Information Portal) is provided by the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ). Under the category "society" (Gesellschaft) you will find an overview over the Palestinian educational system (school, higher education) as well as some further links.
[Abstract: Editors of Education Worldwide]

Palestinian Autonomous Areas This site provides short summaries of the Palestinian schooling and university system.
"anabin" is an information database of the German Conference of Ministers of Education - Central Office for Foreign Education (Kultusministerkonferenz - Zentralstelle für ausländisches Bildungswesen - ZAB). Its mission is to provide [...]

Authorities and Organisations in Educational Policy

Palestinian Autonomous Areas The Palestinian Ministries of Education (primary and secondary education) and Higher Education have been merged and separated again throughout their history. Since about 2015/16, both Ministries have again been merged into one, the Palestinian Ministry of Education and Higher Education. The new ministry also has a new website which is entirely [...]

Palestinian Autonomous Areas The website of the Ministry of Higher Education provides information on educational goals and planning, statistics, laws and regulations, research, funding and scholarships, accreditation, exams and more. Unfortunately, most of the information is in Arabic - you will find some exceptions for example in the statistics (see single documents). [...]

Palestinian Autonomous Areas [This is a copy of the original website as of 23.08.2014 . The original website is offline. Please scroll to the bottom of the page.]
The website of the Palestinian Curriculum Development Center provides a link list of regional Directorates of Education that report to the central Palestinian Ministry of Education. Some of the websites [...]

Palestinian Autonomous Areas The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) is one of the main actors in the Palestinian education system. UNRWA runs "703 schools, 9 vocational colleges, 2 educational science faculties and 2 teacher-training institutes". These institutions are not only run in the Palestinian Territories, [...]

Palestinian Autonomous Areas The website of the Palestinian Curriculum Development Center is only available in English. It provides an overview over its work, over subjects taught in Palestianian schools, about policy developments, conferences as well as further links to Directorates of Education in the different Palestinian regions, about Vocational Training in Palestine, [...]

Palestinian Autonomous Areas The National Institute for Educational Training (NIET) is in charge of teacher and other instructors' education and training in Palestine. This one information page in English provides an overview over tasks, goals and activities of the NIET. The rest of the website is in Arabic. [Abstract: Editors of Education Worldwide]

Palestinian Autonomous Areas The Palestinian Accreditation and Quality Assurance Commission is in charge of the accreditation and quality assurance of higher education institutions and academic programmes in Palestine. Unfortunately, even on the English website, most of the information is in Arabic. You will find some English documents under "publications". The [...]

Palestinian Autonomous Areas As for the moment the General Union of Palestinian Teachers - GUPT has no website of its own, we link you to the news pages for Palestine provided by Education International, an international network of trade unions in the field of educationYou can find more information, e.g. on the <a href= [...]

Documents from Educational Policy

Palestinian Autonomous Areas This website of the Palestinian Ministry of Education and Higher Education provides a list of fulltext documents (official documents, working papers, drafts, ..) on its educational planning for 2014 to 2019 and on the evaluation of the previous planning 2008-2012. The main document of the planning 2014-2019, "Education Development Strategic [...]

Palestinian Autonomous Areas The database Planipolis provides official fulltext documents on educational policy and planning from UNESCO member states. For Palestine you can find documents starting in the year 2000. Planipolis is provided by the UNESCO International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP). [Abstract: Editors of Education Worldwide]

Educational Reports, Statistics, Assessments

Palestinian Autonomous Areas The Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics also provides ample statistics including indicators for the education sector. The site furthermore provides information about publications and press releases. [Abstract: Editors of Education Worldwide]

Palestinian Autonomous Areas The Unesco Institute for Statistics (UIS) provides the most recent basic data on education in Palestine. You will find information on the following issues:
* General information
* Education System
* Participation in education
* Progression and completion in education
* Education [...]

University & Research in Education

This section is divided into two parts: a part about Palestinian universities in general, and a more detailed part about Schools of Education and Institutes for Research in Education - including a reading suggestion on educational research in Palestine.

General Overview over Universities & Colleges

It was difficult to find a comprehensive and official list of Palestinian higher education institutions (in English or German). Even official German institutions like the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) link to the Wikipedia list on their informational website on Palestine. Several sources say there are about 50 institutions of higher education, 12-14 of those being universities. Besides the Wikipedia list, we link you to some statistical comparisons between Palestinian universities provided by the University of Bethlehem. 14 universities are listed in this comparison. Furthermore, you will find a report from 2012 on higher edcation in Palestine.

Palestinian Autonomous Areas This Wikipedia article provides a list of Palestinian Universities. They are sorted by territory, and in case they are available, links are given to further Wikipedia articles and websites of the respective universities. Furthermore, you will find a list of further educational institutions in and about Palestine. [Abstract: Editors of Education [...]

Palestinian Autonomous Areas The University of Bethlehem provides some interesting statistics on their website. Amongst others, you will find a page that provides a comparison between Palestinian Universities (period 2011-2013, as of Sept. 2014). The universities are compared with regard to their students' enrollment, graduates and new enrollments [Abstract: Editors of [...]

Der vorliegende Bericht von 2012 bietet einen Überblick über das Hochschulwesen in den palästinensischen Autonomiegebieten und spricht dabei auch zukünftige Herausforderungen an. Desweiteren werden die Teilnahme Palästinas am Bologna-Prozess sowie an EU-Mobilitäts- und Austauschprogrammen wie ERASMUS und TEMPUS dargestellt. [Zusammenfassung: Redaktion Bildung [...]

Schools of Education and Institutes for Research in Education

The university schools and institutes listed here were chosen according to the Ranking Web of Universities for Palestine (this ranking is compiled by the CSIC, the biggest public research centre in Spain).
We strongly advise you to take a look at the detailed information we provide for each website (under [more]). As a lot of information is scattered throughout the universities` websites, we linked to more resources in the abstracts written for each website (e.g. information on databases, fulltexts, additional educational research institutes at the university).

Palestinian Autonomous Areas The English website of the Faculty unfortunately only provides a contact address and the title of its four study programmes. They comprise basic education as well as physical education. The Arabic version of the website provides some more detailed information about the programmes.
You will find some more interesting information on <a [...]

Palestinian Autonomous Areas The Faculty consists of the Department of Curriculum and Instruction and the Ibn Rushd Unit for Educational Development. You will find information on the faculty, its staff, and the study programmes of the Department.
In the menu bar on the right hand side you will find a category for "Research" under which you will find a [...]

Palestinian Autonomous Areas The English website has less content than the Arabic version. But it provides basic information on the four departments and study programmes of the Faculty: Department of Fundamentals of Education; Department of Psychological Counseling; Department of Basic Education; Department of Curriculum and Teaching Methods. You will also find some [...]

Palestinian Autonomous Areas There seems to be no Arabic website for the Faculty. The English version has little text which is mostly in Arabic. The English information provided mainly informs about the departments of the faculty: the Department of Curriculum and Methods, the Department of Education primary and kindergarten and the Department of Psychology. Under "Centers [...]

Palestinian Autonomous Areas The College / Faculty has two departments: the <a href= target="_blank">Department of the Foundation of Education</a> and the <a href= [...]

Palestinian Autonomous Areas The Faculty website provides information on study programmes, staff, goals, history, structure of the faculty and more. On the university website, under "Institutes and Centers", you will furthermore find the <a href= target="_blank">Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning [...]

Palestinian Autonomous Areas The Faculty of Arts and Sciences offers two programmes in education: General Education und Education, Lower Basic Level. Their respective websites provides basic information about objectives and lecturers. Furthermore, the university runs a <a href= target="_blank">Continuing Education [...]

Palestinian Autonomous Areas The website of the faculty consists of one single page informing about goals and programmes of the faculty. There are further departments which are not listed on the faculty sites. Among them, you will find the <a href= target="_blank">Department for Curricula and Textbooks</a>. [...]

Palestinian Autonomous Areas The English website of the faculty provides information on the faculty's history, a list of degrees awarded by the faculty, information on current events and on its four departments: Fundamental Education, Islamic Studies, Psychology, Basic Education. The departments have a page of their own where you can find some information on research and [...]

Palestinian Autonomous Areas The <a href= target="_blank">English version of the website</a> is still empty after the website's relaunch (as of 30.08.17). That's why we provide an older version of the website as of 08.04.2016 from the Internet Archive for the time being. The faculty has 8 [...]

Palestinian Autonomous Areas The website of CARE provides an overview over its activities (projects, programmes, conferences, ...) and cooperations, amongst others the "Trauma Recovery Project" or the "Life Long Learning in Palestine" Programme. CARE, which was founded in 1989, has a focus on "providing democratic knowledge and educating teachers, [...]

Reading Suggestion: Educational Research in Palestine

The link leads you to a 24 pages preview of the PhD document. To have full access you need a licence. Please ask your local (university) library for information.

"This study investigates the prevailing epistemological and cultural conditions that underlie educational research in Palestine. Using a case study of a major Palestinian University that awards Masters Degrees in Education, the study analyzes the assumptions and the methodology that characterizes current educational research. [...]"

Israel-Palestine: Conflict and Cooperation in Education

This section is work in progress.

Special Education / Inclusion

Palestinian Autonomous Areas The website of the Unesco Office in Ramallah provides a short overview over its activities and its programme for inclusive education. According to its goal of "Education for All - EFA" inclusion is not merely defined as including children with disabilities but as including all children "regardless of their gender, abilities, [...]

Palestinian Autonomous Areas As the Palestinian General Union of People With Disability doesn't seem to have a website of its own, we link you to (contact) information about the Union on another website. You will find information about the mission and activities from 2010 to 2012, as well as an information brochure for download in pdf format. [Abstract: Editors of Education [...]

Palestinian Autonomous Areas This report of the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics and the Ministry of Social Affairs provides a summary of the situation of people with disabilities in Palestine in 2011. The main part of the report consists of statistical data. [Abstract: Editors of Education Worldwide]

Palestinian Autonomous Areas Legislative text of 1999 on the "rights of the disabled" in the Palestinian Territories. The link to the legal text was found on the website of the Worldbank. [Abstract: Editors of Education Worldwide]

Journal Articles on Inclusion and Special Education in Palestine

The following journal articles are not freely accessible. Please ask for the conditions of access at your local (university or other) library. If you are based in Germany, please have a look at the Electronic Journals Library (Elektronische Zeitschriftenbibliothek - EZB) to find out about libraries that provide access (first search for the journal`s name, then go to the information page for the journal and click on "Liste der teilnehmenden Institutionen, die Volltextzugriff bieten" at the bottom of the page).

Two of the articles linked here analyse Palestine in comparison to Israel.

"A study explored Palestinian teachers' (n=90) opinions on inclusion in primary schools. Fifty-four believed that students with disabilities and special needs should have an opportunity to attend public schools. Eighty-one expressed a need for change in the public schools in order to meet the needs of students with disabilities. (Contains references.) (Author/CR)" [Zusammenfassung: Datenbank ERIC]

"The goals of the present study were to examine the effects of an intervention programme on sense of efficacy and attitudes towards inclusion of pupils with six types of disability, among Israeli (N=66) and Palestinian (N=192) teachers. We also studied how these attitudes were related to their general attitudes towards education; whether regular (N=125) and inclusive teachers (N=103) would differ; and how attitudes towards inclusion and sense of efficacy were correlated. The intervention, which was adapted to the needs of inclusive teachers, was comprised of the three components of attitudes, cognitive, emotional and behavioural. […] [Abstract: Site editor’s information]

"A study involving 1,107 teachers and student-teachers compared special educational policies in Israel and under the Palestinian Authority. Palestinian teachers tended to have a more radical view of issues concerning education and equity as they pertained to the necessity of educating all children in order to build a strong nation. (Contains references.) (Author/CR)“ [Abstract: Site editor’s information]

The following article deals with special education issues amongst the Arab population living in Israel..

Israel; Palestinian Autonomous Areas This analyses of the special education situation of the Arab people living in Israel is only available in Hebrew. Nevertheless, the <a href= target="_blank">automatic Google-translation</a> can give you some first [...]

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