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Ariadne Pfad:


Corporación Andina de Fomento; UN-HABITAT, 2014: "Construction of more equitable cities. Public Policies for Inclusion in Latin America." Nairobi: UN–HABITAT. Link

"Cities in Latin America have the highest inequality between rich and poor worldwide, but the gaps are slowly shrinking, finds the study 'Building more equitable cities: public policies for inclusion in Latin America' (...). It contains data on inequality in over 300 cities in Latin America and the Caribbean and compares evolutions over two decades (1990-2010). What are factors that create and reproduce inequality? Why are some cities more successful than others in reducing income disparities? These and other questions are addressed in the study, which gives concrete recommendations to local and national governments how to build more equitable cities." [Abstract: Editor's / author's information]
Release date: 28.09.2020
Update: 28.09.2020

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