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  • Teachers’ Resource Web

    Study Questions on Jane Austen.

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  • 10 Questions about Democracy

    In Filmen mit Fragen wie ’Kann Terrorismus die Demokratie zerstören?’,  ’Ist Gott ein Demokrat?’ beschäftigt sich die Reihe ’10 Questions about Democracy’ mit zentralen Fragen demokratischer Gesellschaften (2008).

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  • Autobiography worksheet

    Questions about me and my life.

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  • 163 Questions to Write or Talk About

    Each question is based on content from the New York Times and links to the relevant article. The questions can be used to help students practice writing (in class, for homework, or in an online forum), as inspiration for lessons, or as jumping-off points for class discussions and debates.

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  • Present Simple Questions im Englischen - einfache Fragenbildung in der Gegenwart - present simple questions in English

    Online Übungsseite zur Fragenbildung in der Gegenwart - vorher eine Seite zum Studieren und Einprägen, dann 7 Onlineübungen; present simple questions; Frage mit do/does; Fragewörter


  • Notting Hill Carnival

    Text with questions

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  • Quiz about The old man and the sea

    This quiz consists of 25 questions.

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  • Study Guide American Dream

    This study guide provides a plot overview, study questions and more.

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  • Spiders

    In this New York Times lesson, students learn about current research on social structure and personality attributes in a type of communal spider, then design their own research questions meant to investigate traits in humans like shyness, boldness or fear of the new (2014).

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  • Bullying Reality Quiz

    Students take a quiz about school violence and create their own quiz on bullying.Students learn about school violence by taking an interactive quiz. Students create their own quiz by brainstorming questions about bullying. Students research online and print resources to find the answers to the questions they brainstormed.

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